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This Mediterranean style edible landscape is inspired by the homeowner’s Italian heritage and time spent in Southern Italy.
This is Stefani’s garden!  Home to a growing family, seven chickens and a whole lot of food – and where we experiment and find inspiration for our Star Apple gardens! This modern urban style edible landscape in Palo Alto shows food production in combination with a clean, modern aesthetic. Permanent constructed elements like Corten steel planters, geometric concrete pavers, graphic riverstone and cool toned decomposed granite, hold the design by providing simple, constant counterpoints to the annual edibles that come and go through the seasons. Plantings of pineapple guava and a low hedge of blueberries are evergreen through the year.
In the side breezeway adjacent to the kitchen, several containers serve as easy access herb and salad gardens. Supported by geometric metal cabling, kiwi climbs its way up the side of the house – its red, fuzzy stems are graphic and unexpected. Edible flowers make for beautiful arrangements and often go into the weekly harvest basket too — white and yellow chamomile, bright pink agastache, and purple flowering chives. The backyard is where family gatherings and most of this garden’s food production takes place. This charming edible front yard landscape combines elements of classic American and cottage style plantings. The garden is anchored by an existing Japanese maple and a dramatic purple flowering Princess tree. This family backyard has a distinctly urban, modern feel while still including space for a full vegetable garden, cutting flowers, gathering areas, and lawn for the kids to play on. Working with the existing garden layout, Star Apple transformed this neglected space, adding redwood edging to the perimeter planting borders for a consistent overall look. This integrated ornamental and edible landscape is really a home chef’s and speciality gardener’s dream. Further up the hillside garden, a dedicated annual vegetable garden area includes three beds — perfect for rotating plantings.
This rooftop garden in downtown Palo Alto is is all about production — but with a real appreciation for the unusual and the beautiful.
Cool season crops like edible viola flowers and asian greens are harvested daily for use in the kitchen. We, of course, were very happy to be asked to design and install the main flagstone pathway and various planting beds in this garden. Positioned on a small balcony just outside the kitchen door of another garden, this grouping of two simple terracotta containers makes for a perfect culinary herb collection and space for favorite salad greens. Our edible exhibit for the 2011 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show was an extensive edible garden called The Modern Homestead. We conceptualized our edible exhibit for the 2012 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show as an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the expo hall, that could also remind us how important productive garden and park space is within the city. Star Apple’s version of a school garden highlighted the creative ways in which important lessons can be integrated into a school garden classroom.
Edible Landscapes Edible Landscapes A small irrigation and power is all most of them require only periodic weeding pruning or insect control.

Edible Landscaping Edible Landscaping Rerun the glory days of edible landscaping right in your own home with simple steps below. This Italian-inspired summer cutting garden includes 12 different types of basil including Purple Ruffled, Cinnamon, African Blue, Pesto Perpetuo and classic Genovese varieties. The garden includes fruit trees, berries, a dedicated kitchen garden, three bin compost system, a green roofed chicken coop and a whole lot of flowers! Once an abandoned corner of the garden, this narrow space now includes all kinds of vegetables and herbs including tomatoes, kale, basil, summer squash, lettuce and chard!
Discreet, deer resistant edibles such as rosemary, lavender, sweet culinary bay and thyme are combined with low water ornamentals including succulents, bulbine, and leucadendrons. Our design reflects the owners’ desire for an attractive edible garden that does not require daily harvesting or too much maintenance. Further plantings of culinary sweet bay laurel and huckleberry provide evergreen, edible interest. Dark green, pink, yellow and silver colors are used throughout the mixed planting beds in order to visually link the various parts of the garden together. The original garden was destroyed in the Oakland fires of 1991 — our goal in re-planting to create a garden that is really a joy to live with. At one of our favorite San Francisco cottage style gardens, a raised wooden bed transforms the narrow planting bed along a small brick backyard patio into abundance. Sunset Magazine, Baia Nicchia Farm, Grow Your Lunch, Love Apple Farm, Devil Mountain Nursery, Morningsun Herb Farm, Succulent Gardens, Four Winds Growers, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, The Living Seed Company, Wingman Coops and REvive all joined us, helping to highlight inventive approaches for the urban dweller ready to be an active part of his local foodshed. A gardener should consider why he want to start actually setting body landscape borders before he does it. Pomegranates persimmons pistachio Asimina Nespolo Kiwis hazelnuts lemon balm Passionfruit elderberry asparagus currants tree Amelanchier Sea buckthorn rose hips (Rugosa Rose) walnut Italian Burnet Sour Dock savory and blueberries are just some of the choices that provide color texture how effectively a fantastic material Edible Landscape . Edible agastache and calamintha flowers, purple artichoke, dramatic mullein, white roses and warm orange flowered yarrow fill out the planting. The garden includes a small dedicated vegetable garden with sun-loving annual vegetables including tomatoes, cucumber, kale, hot peppers and purple sprouting broccoli. A simple flagstone pathway is interplanted with creeping thyme and bordered with colorful perennial flowers including yarrow, lavender and salvia; this helps attract pollinators and sets a vibrant aesthetic tone for the garden.
On the east-facing side of the garden, lush dark green ligularia is planted alongside evergreen and deciduous blueberries; silver thyme and dramatic pink ‘Afterglow’ succulents serve as an underplanting. The new space includes a great collection of fruit trees, berries, annual vegetables and herbs — some of our favorites alongside more unusual edibles. Working with volunteers to get the garden installed was a great opportunity to be involved with our local community. Saturday harvest days are pay-what-you-can and there are always opportunities to volunteer and learn in the garden. Lemon cucumbers, potatoes, artichoke, chives and salad greens are just some of the vegetables and herbs that can be grown in this small space.

White-flowered alyssum attracts pollinators to the garden and provides a constant aesthetic while the annual vegetables come and go. With a 6000 square foot area to work with, we had lots of space to showcase the stylish, sustainable and edible garden and its role in the California lifestyle! Residential landscapes designed by Star Apple and Sunset Magazine provided innovative ideas for beautiful edible and ornamental plantings, no matter how small your garden space! If you feel that your new garden still is looking a little messy though new crops and constant treatment try aboard for landscaping to better determine the lines of your garden. As has been mentioned edible crops experienced little or no presence at all in most home gardens.
Edible purple sage, mixed variegated lemon thyme, chamomile and saffron crocus are punctuated with orange-blooming succulents, providing a lush, culinary underplanting and groundcover.
A substantial sweet orange and the beautifully variegated Panache fig anchor the summer cutting garden.
Between the annual vegetable beds, edible and pollinator attracting flowers such as feverfew, nasturtium, pineapple sage, lavender and culinary sages create a colorful, overflowing look and increase the productivity of the overall space.
In sunnier parts of the garden, similar colors and textures come into play with dark green strawberry leaves contrasting against the pink fruit of an Anna apple and the silver foliage of pineapple guava and dymondia. Blueberries, citrus and and a mature apricot tree are further anchors for the overall edible landscape. And, finally, our chef-inspired garden, commissioned in honor of Greens Restaurant and Wendy Johnson of Green Gulch Farm, featured fruit, herbs and vegetables that especially inspire the palates of local chefs! A few strategically placed strawberry patches and a pomegranate shrub create further reason to pause and enjoy the garden’s bounty. Royal palaces and residences lay had gardens adorned with flowers grapevines and fruit bushes combined with seat positions.
What can be done is to include flowers that are identified to ward off pests and instead encourage healthy bugs that are also healthy soil identified Booster. Edible landscaping was a part of everyday life so resident still in historical Egypt and other civilizations of the seed. With instances of harsh economic days an edible landscape could be the solution to get food for the family. With refreshing costs of vegetables and fruit rising to alarming payment is really a great idea to expand some of your personal information. Salvia is cultivated for its stunning blue flowers Stretch as well as a dressing for the Turkey and seasonings Edible Landscape. Sage and oregano are really beautiful vegetation and shrubs make excellent minimal Edible Landscapes.

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