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Dish Osteria's Raelynn Harshman offers a strawberry balsamic shrub with Wigle rye whiskey and fresh basil. And shrubs have become quite hip in the cocktail culture these days, and you can make some interesting drinks with them. And a whole chain of cocktail recipes and other shrub-related posts at Stirred, Not Shaken.
The shrub is a vinegar-and-fruit based pickled aperitif (or a mixer, or syrup, or cordial, or "drinking vinegar"), and it's the hottest old-is-new drink trend since whatever the last hot, old-is-new trend was. So the idea is that you make yourself a shrub by pouring the drinking vinegar into a glass, perhaps with an ice cube, and topping with soda water.

But vinegar flavors (kombucha, kurozu, certain sour ales) and tart acids (lemon and lime) are deeply ingrained into our worldwide imbibing history, much as the shrubs appear to be.It is said that shrubs, a subgenus of other types of drinking vinegars that date back millennia, came about as a way of preserving fruit juices in pre-Colonial, pre-refrigerator days -- fruit spoils, but vinegar generally does not. The shrub's association with spirits and cocktails may have happened around the same time, during the 1700s, when smuggling barrels of duty-free booze from the European mainland into England was commonplace. Either way, fermented or alcohol-free, cordial or medicinal, they can be mixed effectively with booze -- or chilled soda, or sparking water and sugar, or you can drink them straight up as a shot.The most common of these cocktails, by most accounts, was the rum shrub.
A few months ago, she was experimenting with a lemon and beet shrub, which she mixed with vodka. Meskey noted that, by their very design, shrubs have shelf life, which is one of the reasons bartenders like them.

Add 4 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar and you have a shrub, with it, you can make this drink.

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