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Popular shrubs and bushes like the Red Bush Bougainvillea and Cat Claw vines sit alongside more unique choices like Creeping Fig and Hamelia Paten at our Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek shrub nurseries. Browse our collection of shrubs for sale at our nurseries throughout the East Phoenix Valley below, or feel free to drop by one of our shrub nurseries to see what we have to offer. Bi-Color IrisAlso known as the African Iris, the Bicolor Iris is a low maintenance shrub that blooms with light yellow flowers with dark brown tepal blotches from May to September. Dwarf MyrtleWith lush dark green foliage, this hardy evergreen shrub is widely used for small to medium hedges. Japanese BoxwoodThe evergreen Japanese Boxwood bush’s bright green leaves make it great for use as small to medium hedges or even a foundation shrub.
Pittosporum VariegatedThe easy care and open, round canopy of the Pittosporum Variegated has led it to become a popular landscape shrub.

Red Mexican Bird of PardiseWith blooms from early summer through fall, the very fast growing Red Mexican Bird of Paradise bush is an evergreen shrub that thrives in full sun. Sandbag JasmineAlso referred to as Star Jasmine because of the star-shaped white flowers, Sandbag Jasmine is a hardy, sprawling shrub with lush dark green leaves.
Sea Green JuniperThe sun-loving Sea Green Juniper is one of the hardiest, drought-resilient shrubs around. Silver CloudNamed for its bright silver foliage, the Silver Cloud Sage is a medium-sized shrub that enjoys full sun exposure and blooms from summer to fall with dark purple flowers. Sonoran Yellow BellThis fast growing shrub can reach 6-12 feet and thrives with full sun exposure. White Trailing LantanaThis member of the Lantana family differentiates itself from the other hardy, heat loving lantana shrubs with its year-round white flowers.

Yaupon HollySometimes considered a small tree rather than an evergreen shrub, the Yaupon Holly plant can be trained to remain small and produces bright red berries. Our Kent, Washington sales yard is offering our entire inventory of Teufel grown nursery stock at 40 to 50% off of our wholesale price!
And, since our shrubs are grown right here in the East Phoenix Valley, you know that these shrubs are ready to flourish in our warm Arizona weather!

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