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I need some advice as to when and the best way to transplant a crepe mrytle & a rose of sharon. I have two evergreen shrubs that I can't recall the name, but all I know is that I really hate them and want to replace them with something else. I'm eager to propagate shrubs to keep in my holding bed till I get my new house at our farm. Bayside Garden Center offers a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and plants to choose for your next landscaping project.
We are proud to be a third generation family business as well as one of the largest growers of bedding plants in New Jersey. For your landscape, we carry a large variety of perennials and shrubs from only top growers.

We have a so called neighborhood dog who roams around freely and is fed by a lot of us because she was abused and everyone loves her.
I am a new bee keeper and, although I realize the bees go far, I am putting in plants (on my 1.5 acre lot) that bees like.
I plan to cut back the damaged part of the rhododendrons, fertilize, and hope for the best. It’s brought in fresh every year so that when you get it home, you have the best chance for successful planting. From deer resistant varieties to colorful perennials, we can help you decide the best choice of plant material for your home. We have a 2 story house behind us, and I'm sure they don't want to look down on our yard anymore than we want them to.

We really know our plant materials: the soils they require, the locations they prefer, and how fast they will grow. Let us provide your bedding plants and you will see what makes our flowers different from other garden centers.

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