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After investing in a paver patio or driveway, customers often wonder whether they should seal it. While we highly recommend that our clients seal their pavers to protect their investment, there are a few things to note when sealing pavers. Sweep, power wash, and pull weeds growing within paver joints prior to beginning the sealing process. Wait 24 hours after applying the final coat before walking or driving over the newly sealed pavers.
TNT Services Lawncare,pressure washing and paver sealing in Tampa, Brandon and Pasco County. We often recommend a joint stabilizing sealer, which is a liquid product that penetrates into the surface of not only the paver, but the sand in the joint as well. Sealed pavers also resist UV rays which may help your pavers retain their natural color longer, though most pavers today are manufactured to resist UV rays.

While there are many benefits to sealing pavers, it does add necessary maintenance to an otherwise low-maintenance system.
Clients wishing to have sealed pavers should wait 1 year after installation to seal their pavers in order to allow the efflorescence to evaporate from the paving stones. We exclusively use Eco-Friendly solutions for stains (rust, oil, mildew, etc.) and commercial hardscape cleaning equipment and an experienced staff to ensure your pavers will be clean and sanitized before sealing them! Sealed pavers need to be resealed every 3-5 years if using a water-based sealer and 2-3 years if using an acrylic sealer.
Many people prefer glossy pavers which can give your pavers a “wet look”, causing the natural color of the pavers to appear more vibrant.
Typically, the darker the paver, the more pronounced the color will be after applying a glossy sealer.
Joint stabilizing sealers have the additional benefit of preventing weeds from growing between paver joints.

It is not recommended to use coating sealers on or around pool decks as they may make pavers slippery when wet. If you cannot remember what sealer was originally used, test the new sealer on a small area or strip the original sealer from the pavers before applying the new coat.
If a client seals their pavers and decides it is unnecessary for any reason, the sealer can be stripped and the pavers can be left in their natural, unsealed state.

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