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The Steel Deck Institute was formed to bring uniformity to the design, manufacture, quality control and construction practices applicable to cold-formed steel decking.
Visit our ANSI Information page to learn more about the SDI as an Accredited Standards Developer. SDI Short Form Specifications for Steel Roof Deck, Composite Floor Deck and Non-Composite Floor Deck (2014). The First Edition of the recently released SDI Floor Deck Design Manual (FDDM) and the previously released First Edition of the Roof Deck Design Manual (RDDM) continue the efforts of past Steel Deck Institute publications to provide the design community with valuable information for the proper design and use of steel decks. The First Edition, RDDM, of the SDI Roof Deck Design Manual continues the efforts of the Steel Deck Institute to provide uniform industry standards for the engineering, design, manufacture and field usage of steel decks. Our newest white paper Fundamentals of Corrosion and Their Application to Steel Deck - No.

This manual is completely revised, expanded and updated from the 2000 SDI Roof Deck Construction Handbook, RDCH1.
Visit our anniversary page to see how we've evolved over the years and to find out what's on deck for our next 75 years. DDM04The Fourth Edition of the SDI Diaphragm Design Manual, DDM04, replaces the Third Edition, DDM03. FDDMOur First Edition, FDDM, of the SDI Floor Deck Design Manual replaces the 1997 SDI Composite Deck Design Handbook, CDD2. This publication reviews good practice in Steel Deck Construction and serves as a safety primer for Contractors, Erectors, Architects, Engineers and Inspectors who are responsible for safe and proper field installation of steel deck. Please note: This manual is also available in a pocket sized hard copy which can be ordered from our order form page.

This version provides the latest industry standard information as to the sale, manufacture and installation of steel deck. Updated design tables for common steel roof deck profiles, fasteners and conditions along with 13 new and updated design examples are included in this manual.
The latest recommendations for concentrated loads, reinforcement of openings and steel deck on cold-formed trusses are also available in this publication.
Eleven new examples illustrating all areas of floor design are also available in this publication.

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