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You know that you missed the chance to address your fescue lawn last fall, and now you want to know what you should do. Over the next few months and into the summer, you’ll want to follow up with fertilizers that add sulfur and iron to your lawn.
Another need that many people fail to recognize is the application of late spring and summer lawn insect control. This article has focused on cool grasses, such as fescue, but getting on a regular maintenance schedule is important for warm grasses, like bermuda, too.

There is no better time than now to start a healthy lawn maintenance schedule, because it is an ongoing cycle. True Value and GreenThumb has created a handy maintenance calendar that you download here that shows the product and best time to apply it to your lawn. There is never a bad time to start a lawn maintenance plan (unless it is one of those rare years that we actually get some snow and ice here in Atlanta).
Adding reminders to your calendar ensures that you won’t forget when to apply the appropriate product on your lawn.

Someone comes in and admits that they know they need to get on a healthy maintenance schedule, but they don’t know if they should start now or just wait until next fall. Other than that, you can jump in at any time to develop the healthy habits that you need to ensure a healthy lawn.

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