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Much like Lava rocks have a distinctive red appearance, Crimson stone also has a reddish brown appearance or crimson color.
Boulders Plus Supply, a division of Shaffer Landscape, Inc., provides landscaping contractors and homeowners with the boulders, flagstone, fieldstone, river rock, decorative gravel, concrete pavers and retaining wall block they need to create their dream landscape.
Pea gravel offers a popular landscape design which is ecologically friendly and very attractive.
The pros at Boulders Plus Supply understand that great soil, especially in this Atlanta clay, makes all the difference.

You will find what you need at our Atlanta location, including dark brown mulch, cypress mulch, mini pine nugget mulch, pinestraw and rich mushroom compost.
We welcome contractors as well as homeowners, so call us for bulk pricing on any of our landscape materials. Crimson landscaping stone will maintain there overall color and in most cases should never have to be replaced. Fresh, high quality mulch can make all the difference for your landscape and the health of your planting material.

This means you get more lava rock per pound than you would with other higher density garden rocks.

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