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One of Michigan’s largest landscape supply yards, offering hardgoods and pond supplies for both homeowners and contractors, with outstanding service in a friendly and informative atmosphere.
Stopped in to order a truckload of crushed concrete on 4 June and was quoted a price by Jack, for delivery early afternoon on 9 June. Landscape & Pond Supplies We offer a friendly, helpful and informative atmosphere to make any landscape project, whether a single bag of mulch or a complete landscaping, be an easy and fun experience. We do also keep a stock of pudding stones and feature stones if you are looking for something special in an accent boulder. Before ordering boulders it is recommended that you look at the sorted boulders in the bins at our store to get a better idea of the characteristics of the rocks. The second and subsequent courses should be set back into the hill to provide strength for the wall. The Rock Shoppe on Gotfredson carries a large display for your Fairy Garden, rocks in every size and shape, gazing globes, birdbaths, and so much more!
With more than 30 years of experience as a licensed Residential Builder, we deliver a level of expertise, integrity and customer service that is unparalleled—so much so that we take the time to explain how to install any of our products for free. We truly are a one-stop-shop for all things related to landscaping, providing a full selection of retaining walls, decorative stone, statuary and flagstone walkways. Our employees are renowned for their genuine enthusiasm when helping customers beautify the exterior of their homes or businesses.
Since 1928 and in our 4th generation.Rocks ‘N’ Roots, one of Michigan’s largest landscape hardgood and pond centers, is a success story. The Zendt family--owners and operators of Rocks 'n' Roots, currently in our fourth generation--has been serving the landscape industry since 1928.

For example a 12" rock weighs about 100 lbs a 18" rock weighs about 300 lbs and a 24" rock weighs about 700 lbs. Divide your estimated surface area by the rough estimate of coverage per cubic yard for each boulder size. Piece the rocks together like a puzzle minimizing the gaps while maximizing flat outward facing surface while maintaining good rock to rock contact for structural strength. The first row of boulders must be partially buried in the soil to provide stability and strength for the wall.
Pack soil up to the height of the base course to provide a level surface for the second course of boulders. The extra effort put into sorting the boulders pays off with numerous benefits for our customers.
These rocks should be handled with powered equipment to avoid injury and for ease of placement, considering a 24” rock can weigh as much as 700 lbs. Most professional landscapers use fairly large rocks to construct walls such as a combination of 12" to 24" and 24" to 36" boulders.
When using a combination of 12" to 24" and 24" to 36" rocks our estimate for coverage is 15 square feet of surface area per cubic yard.
Our selection spans across more than 12 acres of property, making Rock Shop one of the largest hard landscape supply companies in Michigan. Wall construction will be quicker due to less fiddling around finding the right rocks since there are more consistently sized, useable rocks to choose from.
Other tools may be necessary to use for leverage as the largest ones can weigh easily up to 150+ lbs.

Figure greater coverage for smaller rocks (18 to 20 square feet) and less coverage if using bigger rocks (12 to 15 square feet).
Angle the wall back a minimum of 3" for every 1' high, fill in behind rocks as you go to stabilize with a good packable soil. The final wall design is more likely to look and function how you intended since you were not forced to use rocks which were not a desirable size. These are the largest rocks recommended for building walls where powered machinery is not available. The boulders are virtually free from dirt and debris resulting in more rocks for your money and less of a mess to clean up. If you do not have experience moving big rocks and do not have a skid-steer loader, using the 8" to 12" rock is recommended because of the weight. Higher walls should use larger rocks because of the need for additional structural support or consider a design using 2 levels or terracing with the smaller rocks. Other approaches to constructing walls are placing larger boulders in a more haphazard way to create a natural look, or egg shaped rocks can be stacked in a more symmetrical pattern using similar sized rocks throughout. From over 40 types of decorative stone, 18 mulches (both bulk and bagged), topsoil, sand, natural walls and flag, and the major brands of man-made and pavers including Unilock, Oaks, Consumers, Fendt and Belgard – the most trusted and well known names in the industry – to pond kits, chemicals, fish and bird food, as well as transformers, low-voltage lights, sprinklers heads and lines, tools, fittings and so much more, Rocks ‘N’ Roots has it all.Everything is on display, and much of it is showcased in beautiful paver and flagstone walkways, ponds, waterfalls, bubbling rocks, decorative retaining walls and beds of stone and mulch.

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