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Before you landscape with rocks, it pays to learn where your stones come from and how they were gathered.
When you’re scouting for landscape rock, visit local stone yards (look under “Stone-Natural” in the Yellow Pages). English gardens in subtle pinks and lavenders are all well and good for England: in our bright Colorado sunlight, bright oranges, reds and purples RULE! I wish to thank Loren Russell for these pictures: my camera battery went dead just as we arrived at Lee's garden. It looks natural in any environment—from the Arizona desert, where it can be the focal point of a dry garden, to the Northeast, where stacked fieldstone walls and blocky granite steps are visual treats, to the Rocky Mountain West, where boulders hint of the surrounding grandeur.Stone (the preferred term in the trade) is used in landscapes for both aesthetic and functional reasons.
You’ll quickly learn that “a rock is a rock is a rock” just isn’t true; the array of choices is mind-boggling. And these shots from a local garden taken last week (Lee Curtis' private garden in Lakewood to give credit where credit is due) just blew my mind!

And I know that we will have quite a few in the Rock Garden section of Denver Botanic Gardens' Annual Plant Sale this weekend. He came to the rescue with these wonderful shots--a real shot in the arm for Colorado gardeners this time of year (and candy for the eyes!).
Whether the stone is simply scooped from the earth with a front-end loader (as is the case with river rock and some light volcanic rocks) or quarried by hand, sawing, or blasting, it’s a major industrial operation. Most Colorado gardeners have heard of bitterroot, a rather uncommon wildflower from northwest Colorado that happens to be the state flower of Montana. Like many wildflowers, they do best in well drained (but not too hungry) soil in a rock garden setting. As you can see, they love our Colorado climate: we have had spectacular displays of lewisias in the past in the Rock Alpine Garden although this year we have been seriously upstaged by Lee! Whether stone is used as a gravel mulch, to build a patio, or in a cluster of large boulders, less mowing and trimming are required—a savings on fuel and fumes.That’s a lot of rock-solid pluses.

Landscape professionals generally say that foundation rocks are too “raw” to serve attractively in the landscape (a buried stone gathers no moss, after all). National parks ask that you take only pictures and leave only footprints, but most government lands allow removal of resources such as rock for “personal” use. These rocks may be scarred by contact with heavy equipment, but that adds character.And last, consider the alternatives.

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