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Although scientists may deny it, they represent a variety of personality types, just like other professions. Build awareness between people and departments to better support the productive flow of ideas. Create connections that increase communication and encourage the active sharing of information.
Reliable video conferencing and Web meeting technology is a major contributor to connecting geographically dispersed teams and, in some cases, is even making it to the bench.
According to a 2014 Gensler study on factors that will have a high-level impact on the future of real estate, 77.8% of the CRE respondents believed changing business models would have a high-level impact.
Built in 2014, surrounding a small lake in suburban Milwaukee, this impressive home is a case study in architecture’s ability to exploit the perceived constraints of a challenging context. The Potomac waterfront is undergoing a significant redevelopment that promises to remake the little-used mile-long stretch along the river’s Washington Channel into a vibrant, mixed-use community. This landscape rift is stretched, carved, and folded to house a complex program of indoor and outdoor recreation including a lap pool, spa, sauna, outdoor play fields, terraces, theatre, and gym. When Bill and Ruth True bought a second home, overlooking the shores of the picturesque Vashon Island, it came with a compact, detached wood garage.
Architect and farmer, Patrick Bradley developed Grillagh Water House for a picturesque site on his own farm near the town of Maghera, taking advantage of local legislation that allows farmers to build dwelling on their land. Rotterdam-based Studio OxL adapted a 210-square-metre workshop in Arnhem, Netherlands to create the three-bedroom apartment, which features a glazed patio, to bring in light.
TallerDE2 Architects remodeled a family apartment for a single person using oriented strand board panels, which can slide back and forth to create a flexible floor plan, whilst concealing utilities. Designed by young Argentinian architect Carolos Alejandro Ciravegna, five houses are lined up in a row that follows the topography of the site.
Located in Kawaguchi, north of Tokyo the two-story property features an L-shaped plan that wraps around a double-height courtyard. Following a three-stage international competition, Dutch studio MVRDV has been selected to complete a mixed-use tower of the Austrian capital of Vienna. In New Zealand, Auckland-based practice Herbst Architects has completed a beach house retreat that overlooks the region’s Whangarei Heads.
New eco-friendly homes built with prefabricated timber-framed walls and packed with bales of straw are now on sale for homebuyers in the English city of Bristol. The Hollyhock House, a National Historic Landmark, is the only work of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright that is open to the public in Los Angeles. This beautiful single story home in Miami, Florida, designed by Brillheart Architecture is inspired by what builders call Florida’s vernacular architecture. Originally inspired by an experimental research project, German design office baumraum built this treehouse in the hopes of creating a juxtaposition between the tranquility of nature and its urban surroundings. Several decades after the renowned Canadian architect John Bland designed an elegant vacation home near Lake Masson in Quebec, architect Alain Carle saved the house from being demolished.
This post is part of a coalition of architects posting on a single topic, each interpreting it in their own way, known as Architalks. If I had a dollar for each time I heard the phrases chance encounters, collaboration zones and casual interactions, I would’ve easily been able to cover my travel costs. Hopefully, by the time we complete our education, we have a range of experiences collaborating in multiple settings. The focused, determined mindset that’s necessary to succeed in science doesn’t, however, necessarily prioritize socializing as a way of getting closer to that eureka moment. In their study on the impact of collaboration on scientific productivity, citing a paper written by Beaver and Rosen in 1978, Bozeman and Lee noted over half of the motives for collaboration were related to the practical desire to enhance productivity.
His theory was the friction and messiness of mixing a highly creative, talented and passionate team produced a far more refined and perfected product in less time. According to our 2014 study on factors that will have a high-level impact on the future of real estate, 77.8% of the CRE respondents believed changing business models would have a high-level impact.

A Fast Company top 50 Innovator, their model brings together all the resources startups need through a seamlessly integrated physical and digital workplace package. The physical space and administrative benefits pale compared to the “community of creators,” a virtual network of members that serves as part internal B2B for collaboration, part social network.
Connectivity has broadened the reach of networks for research collaborations beyond organizational and disciplinary boundaries, and spans oceans and continents.
Halo and Telepresence rooms are already connecting geographically dispersed teams in large organizations, and as the technology becomes less novel and more affordable, will also connect them with their partners in higher-education and institutional settings.
A single scientist today can process more samples than whole labs produced in the not-so-distant past.
If there’s a challenge to whether the physical space will continue to be a relevant contributor to collaboration, it’s in the form of technology. He has more than 15 years of experience designing labs, including the expansion of Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Mass. Built on a narrow splinter of land, this home’s design addresses the fundamental issues of privacy, density, and zoning restriction. The Wharf, as the project is being called, is developer PN Hoffman’s “magnificent opportunity to undo the urban renewal legacy of the past and recreate the Southwest Waterfront as a great world-class destination”, according to the project’s website. The exterior materials reflect the natural feel and texture of the site: the green roof changes color to mirror the changing landscape, the copper cladding’s patina ages and reflects its surrounds, and the locally quarried bluestone walls are an extension of the Adirondack geology.
Overtime, the True’s began to imagine the odd space as something more than a garage: a multiuse space for dinner parties, meditation, and even art lectures. Realizing that he needed to reduce the cost to meet his budget, Bradley thought of shipping containers as his alternative solution. Wide garage doors open directly from the street into the living area, creating an unusually prominent parking space for the client’s electric sports car. Architect CF Moller faced the challenge of coming up with a solution to make the home one story, while allowing a separate space for the client’s kids and following strict local planning regulations. Each building has one end rooted in the landscape and two wings that are suspended mid-air.
The structure, which will climb to a total height of 360 feet, is designed to meet the city’s strict planning regulations.
The house is a composition of fragmented, yet connected volumes that appear to tumble down the hillside, presenting sweeping views out to sea. Architecture firm ModCell worked along with researchers at England’s University of Bath to create the sustainable design. Simplicity and practicality were the focus of the homes conception while also incorporating elements that reflect local traditions.
Desert contemporary design blurs the distinction between the indoors and outdoors with features such as glass walls and outdoor living rooms. They found 100 ft of zonal overlap increased collaborations and funding by over 20%, and scientists were more likely to meet face-to-face and engage in unscheduled, impromptu meetings.
As the home, the commute, the coffee shop and the workplace convene, our traditional notions of what collaboration looks like are being subverted by the lifestyle we have created for ourselves through urbanism, mobile technology and global awareness. Software companies are taking note of the interest in mobile platforms that securely combine social media with software that makes exchanging ideas and information easy. The amount of data that automation produces, however, far out paces the speed scientists can analyze and interpret it. The construction of the property was documented on the British television show: Grand Designs.
They unfold to reveal hidden compartments and nooks, creating a flexible space that expands and contracts with the needs of the inhabitant.
The upper floor, raised just above ground level, contains the main living space and master bedroom.
There are no internal partitions on the upper level, so the space functions as an open-plan living room, allowing light to flow throughout the home.

The reason for the twisted design is to ensure that daylight may enter neighboring buildings.
The home in Columbia City, Washington covers 3,140 sq ft, has four bedrooms, a detached garage and rooftop deck from which there are views of Seattle, Columbia City and Lake Washington. The home boasts a very open design with a large front and back porch both lined with slated timber screens. Architects use elements such as wide overhangs and deep-set windows to provide shade and a sense of shelter. In honor of Earth Day, it is truly inspiring to see designers going above and beyond to create something modern and beautiful, without compromising the natural integrity of the construction site. He accomplished this task by restoring the home’s exterior by adding fresh cedar planks, local stone, and black anodizedaluminum.
Influenced by the ocean, the cast-in situ walls are etched with the grain of their timber work, which represents the rippled water markings left behind on the sand.
Where an Oculus Rift headset might be a hindrance to teamwork, 3-D printers, 3-D scanning and coordinate measurement systems are currently used in the development of medical devices, prosthetics and surgical tools and procedures. While scientists are motivated building users capable of adapting to less-than-ideal work settings, there are studies that suggest planning the physical environment can have a positive influence on promoting chance encounters and facilitating collaboration. Builders used reclaimed metal, wood and concrete from the various deconstruction projects of old barns, public sidewalks, etc. This home is fresh and contemporary but remains simple and conducive to the tropical Miami lifestyle. Builders plan to capitalize on the desert and its bare elements to compliment the streamlined shapes and local materials used to build these homes. He then changed the original windows that varied in size to compliment the outdoors scenery. The architects said this representation of the rippled markings, “Implies a mark of memory in time.
While automated software is being developed to get ahead of the data avalanche, screen technology has been making impressive advancements. With the incorporation of solar energy the house was built with the intention of being highly efficient in terms of energy.
Developers have changed their traditional approach to building homes in the area and found that certain trends and conventions are not what always work best.
He also created a more open feel to the house by detaching wall partitions from the main structure. Wood grains are the marks of realization process that we want to leave on the library.” A reading room here occupies the center of the library, but a meditation space, activity room, and bar that also occupy the library. Overall, the goal is to create a sustainable, efficient, and contemporary community that can influence other developers in changing the conventions of desert living.
The architects sought out to make the structure “look like a weathered rock that is pure and solid; but inside, what it contains is the rich feelings and experiences”. This is just shy of the builder’s target of 0 which would indicate that the home produces as much energy as it consumes. Alain Carle was able to save the mid-century house from not only demolition, but also reestablish John Bland’s architecture so that it can never be forgotten. As affordable variations on this technology become available, the “media cave” work setting will find itself in more research lab programs.
It is meant to create an experience of relaxation and release the feeling of loneliness by bringing everyone together.

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