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PROJECT DETAILS: This wall replacement shows how Versa-Lok can be split to create outside corners and a stepped wall. Square Foot™ Retaining Walls have earned approval worldwide from architects, engineers and contractors. With the Handystone® Retaining Wall System, it is easy to build a variety of retaining wall projects-including those with curves and corners.
Versa-Lok C Cap is the perfect topper for tall structural, commercial walls and small garden walls or columns. Cobble: About half the size of the Standard unit, Cobble units are perfect for planters, small walls and countless garden-variety projects, as well as large, expansive commercial and governmental walls.
Accent: A slimmed-down version of the Standard unit, Accent units measure 4 inches tall by 12 inches wide.
CST Plus-Stone™ can be turned vertically and combined with VERSA-LOK® Mosaic wall system to create a natural random wall pattern.
Retaining wall block has evolved to not only hold back earth, but also provide decorative barriers and backdrops. Use standard wall units for a stable riser then combine both standard and BullNose pavers for the tread.
Each unit covers one square foot of wall face, making this system an economical choice for large commercial and agency projects including: schools, universities, large highway projects, restaurants, shopping malls, waterways and retention ponds.

Each Mosaic wall panel comprises three different VERSA-LOK® units in a random four-unit pattern measuring 10" high and 24" wide. Smaller and conveniently lighter than its big brother Standard unit, versatile Cobble wall units retain the same top-down pinning system, reducing the time and cost of installation.
These easy to handle 12 x 8 x4 inch blocks are ideally suited for everything from small backyard walls to tiered planters.
Plus-Stone™ is available in the same 6 VERSA-LOK® color blends in both Standard and Weathered™ finishes. In addition, Square Foot™ can be built with the traditional one-inch setback, or near vertical construction. Mosaic also easily accommodates soil reinforcement between each course of panels for tall wall applications. With its rectangular shape, there's no cutting required on straight walls except when finishing the wall. Easily installed, Accent units draw minimal attention to the wall, saving the spotlight instead for surrounding landscapes, buildings and homes.
As a Titusville, North Brevard area hardscape design - build contractor, we specialize in using pavers, retaining wall block and other decorative concrete materials, drainage correction, and low maintenance landscapes.
VERSA-LOK wall block is made with a splitting groove which allows the back 2 inches of a block split off.

Veranda Wall system is available in 3 colors and 2 finishes for many different design possibilities.Veranda utilizes four versatile unit sizes to easily create a random appearance in both straight and curved applications.
No matter what kind of wall you are building or specifying, there is a Square Foot™ wall to accommodate your needs. These units are simply stacked on a compacted granular base and secured using Versa-Lok® Adhesive. Handystone® units are perfect for small retaining walls, terraces, tree rings, planters, and many other landscape projects that can add beauty to your home. Munich Wall Block is available in Weathered finish and 6 distinctive colors to compliment any hardscape design. Solid concrete characteristics make Veranda units extremely durable, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. Alternate tapered sides to create straight wall sections and place tapered sides in the same direction to create curves. The exposed portion of Veranda freestanding walls (including the height of cap units) should not exceed 36 inches in height.

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