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We sell many variations of Karney® stone, including 4 popular palleted wallstone variations - Thin, Medium, Thick, & Heavy.
The photo above shows one of the bins in our Great Meadows, NJ (Northern New Jersey) yard with the Karney® mix of Medium & Large Chunks that are on sale right now. We deliver daily throughout the NJ, NY & PA regions, and via contracted common carrier anywhere in the US (we're serious) - we have shipped stone across the country, deep into the south, and throughout the Mid-atlantic and New England regions.
2) An experienced operator can handle this stone with a full range of skid-steer loaders or compact track loaders with a fork attachment (we recommend one where you can vary the width of the forks from the cab).
Other skid-steer attachments that might be useful for handling this stone include various grapple attachments. Various Claw, Clamp, Grapple attachments for a compact excavator will make handling much easier, as will a wider width bucket.

4) A Variable Reach Forklift - these versatile machines that extend the reach and height capabilities of a forklift can be used to handle and set this stone.
Most of these Karney® Medium & Large Chunks weigh 300+ pounds, and all of the stone is large and potentially dangerous if it is mishandled. We have quarried a 1,000+ ton lot of of Karney® Medium & Large sized Chunks - all of which are on sale with no minimum quantity required for purchase. This is not a stone that should be tried by a homeowner who has no experience with the equipment needed to handle it safely. Because this stone has to be handled using a machine the most obvious danger is everything that can happen to a machine working in close proximity with people to build a wall, as well as the dangers of loosing the load. This stone must be set properly with a strong, stable base - the consequences of a tipped or collapsed wall are obvious.

In the hands of a professional this is relatively easy stone to work with, that can build very strong and stable walls that will last. If it is set properly it will last indefinitely - but even professionals should be cautious with a stone where individual pieces can weigh from 200 to 2,000 pounds.

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