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Federal Lands Highway has a variety of retaining walls available within the FLH criteria library. Value used for mathematically determining the minimum width of the wall based on the wall height.
Name of the chain used for the face of wall stationing, (independent stationing from centerline).
From the final layout, store profiles into COGO reflecting the bottom and top of the footings and optionally the top of the wall. All of the retaining walls available to design using the criteria are driven by plan view elements. The next step is to create an elevation view of the initial position of the top of the wall, and top and bottom of the footing, resulting from the first cross section run. First let's store the chains and profiles that represent where the top of the wall, the gutter line and the top and bottom of the footings would be positioned initially using the default adhoc values. We can all agree that (in non-tangent wall sections) the actual length along the edges of the footings, the top of the wall and the gutter line are all different since the offsets from centerline are different. Set the thickness of the wall footing (this is done by laying out the profile for the bottom of the footing).

In the Plan view, you have already drawn elements (at an offset of 10 meters left) that instruct the criteria to draw a Proposed CUT retaining wall. Open your cross section file and delete all the proposed cross section elements (at least throughout the wall area). For illustration purposes, I'm going to leave the proposed cross section elements from the first run, to illustrate the position of the wall from the second run. As mentioned earlier, there are many other types of retaining walls that can be designed using our criteria in basically exactly the same manner. Utilizing the success of its predecessor, the Anchor™ Diamond® Retaining Wall, Anchor™ Diamond Pro™ takes retaining wall construction to a higher level. This version of the criteria does not include the ability to design the walls using chains and profiles along the wall, where the .x30 criteria does.
In some cases the actual horizontal offset position of this plan view element has no effect on the location of the wall in the cross sections, but simply acts as a trigger to tell the criteria to draw a wall against the edge of the pavement.
In other words the result of the initial first run of cross sections does not produce a constructible wall design. These adhoc attributes will tell the criteria what wall chain and wall profiles to use for the final design that will reflect the stepped footing elevations and the stepped footing widths.

Construction, alignment and setback are facilitated with this beveled wall block’s patented rear lip design and larger facial profile. The criteria is intelligent enough that as the wall stem increases in height, the footing thickness and width increases dynamically using standard structural formulas that can be modified as necessary. The Concrete Cut wall is one of the walls that simply uses these plan view elements as a trigger. The top of the wall will most likely be erratic as well as the footing profile, footing thickness and footing width.
Since the wall is in the cross sections, you can now obtain staking notes and earthwork quantities that reflect the exact design.
In order for this wall to be constructible, the footing profile needs to be flat or stepped in flat sections and the footing thickness and width needs to be formed in stepped thicknesses and widths.

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