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Retaining wall water features can also be active and exciting, like a waterfall cascading over a natural rock formation. While expense has no influence in the elements used to create this backyard waterfall and landscaping, these type of retaining wall blocks and planters are always a good consideration when expense is an issue. Certain city and local codes may apply when building a retaining wall above a certain height. The cloth you see sticking up from behind the blocks is a measure we take to keep the soil from seeping out of the cracks between the blocks of the waterfall construction. The ColorFalls has been specifically designed to work with most retaining walls to add a beautiful sheer waterfall.
Any time you’re dealing with retaining walls, you really want a company with experience that knows what it is doing.

Going with a pro will also reduce the tedious and time-consuming design process for creating a retaining wall.
At All Backyard Construction, we understand the various regulations involved with putting in retaining walls. From basic wood to concrete block to natural rock walls, we install with pride and craftsmanship. From tiered flowerbeds to managing a sloping yard, retaining walls can solve a lot of basic landscaping issues.
And if you're not familiar with building a wall like this, see retaining walls for detailed help and idea pictures. From basic wood to concrete block or natural rock walls, there are lots of choices – but not all of them may be right for your needs.

We can also offer expert advice to help you determine what kind of retaining wall and of which material is best for your needs. When it comes to your retaining wall, you want it to be beautiful, of course – but it also needs to do its job!
From garden walls to concrete structural walls, we can do it all at All Backyard Construction.

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