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When planning for a garden retaining wall, you have several choices in what type of fence to build. Garden retaining walls differ from regular retaining walls because they are not meant to control changes in the ground’s elevation, to correct a slope, or to hold backfill.
Most garden walls that are less than six feet (counting the foundation) do not need to obtain a permit but the laws change from city to city. Keep your precious plants and garden soil from being swept away by rain and other weather issues by having us come to your home to build your retaining wall! Call us at Northern VA Patios & Construction for an attractive garden fence to compliment your existing landscaping today! Wall systems are solutions for yards and outdoor spaces with steep inclines and rough terrain. Other times retaining walls help to create a level surface or are used for aesthetic or decorative purposes. Retaining wall companies is a directory of licensed contractors and professional builders of residential and commercial retaining walls; plus licensed landscape architects and structural engineers who are involved in the design and planning of earth retaining wall systems. If you are searching for an experienced local retaining wall contractor, just click on your state below.

A retaining wall is a structure which is designed and constructed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes. An engineered retaining wall with an effective drainage system is a perfect solution for both residential and commercial property owners experiencing mild to severe soil erosion.
Retaining Walls offer property owners with undesirably sloped real estate the opportunity to have more functional space while increasing their property’s value.
In addition to the Anchor Wall System, Cross Timbers Masonry & Concrete also uses real stone or manufactured stone. Our contractors will always make sure that your new garden wall is compliant with all zoning requirements in your area and if necessary, all permits will be obtained before construction begins. Pavers Driveways VA  is qualified to provide the expertise and knowledge required to design and constructs a retaining wall system that fixes steep inclines and transforms an unusable back yard into an outdoor living space that is both functional and beautiful. Retaining wall are constructed from CMU blocks and are usually covered with a variety of decorative stones including but not limited to natural stone, stone, flagstone, brick, interlocking pavers, and concrete. But first, take a moment to educate yourself on the proper construction of a retaining wall system so that you will be able to ask the specific questions in order to determine which builder is right for your project.

A successful retaining wall maintains the ability to resist the lateral pressure of soil where there was change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose (the angle at which a sloping surface formed of a particular loose material is stable) of the soil. A few of your options for garden retaining walls at Northern VA Patios & Construction are natural stone, stone, flagstone, wood, concrete blocks and brick.
In most cases the garden retaining walls will also protect your garden from the effects of various whether conditions.
Pavers Driveways VA  has qualified contractors who are able to design and construct a wide range of retaining wall systems in order to improve your outdoor space and make it more functional. Garden retaining walls are stylishly designed as permanent fences that border a garden or other exterior landscaped areas on your property.
Pavers Driveways VA  is fully qualified to design and construct retaining walls that both durable and strong.

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