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The Verdura® retaining wall system is the most plantable, versatile, and strongest Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall on the market today. Verdura Wall Systems, also from soil retention products, are plantable retaining wall block systems, perfect for turning undeveloped, seemingly unusable land into useable space. The Verdura Retaining Wall System is the most plantable, versatile,and strongest Mechanically Stabilized Earth retaining wall on the market today.  It is strong enough to support heavy bridges and walkways yet offers a fully plantable face that provides an opportunity to soften the visual impact of large retaining structures. The Verdura® retaining wall system is designed with a "positive mechanical connection" between the block and the geosynthetic reinforcement.

This mechanical connection provides a uniform distribution of tensional strength that does not rely solely upon frictional forces generated from a stack-height of the block-units or point load from pins or clips. Combined with the high shear strength from the lip of the block, Verdura® allows for soil compaction directly behind the block units facilitating the use of heavy construction equipment within close proximity to the wall face. The Verdura® wall transforms a grade transition into a vegetated "steepened slope" instead of a concrete scar across a hillside. Whether you're a homeowner looking to create a vertical garden or a large developer seeking to economically terrace a master planned community, this specialized, fully plantable, segmental retaining wall system provides the solution to a wide variety of design challenges.

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