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We focus on providing great retaining wall designs that are focused on style, function, form, durability a wall is only has good has the products used to make it that’s why we use only the best  products  to construct it.
We specialise in new swimming pool designs and existing pool renovations, paving, decks, pergolas, driveways, retaining walls, stonework, plant design and more. Our landscaping design work in Geelong extends to garden maintenance including attending to weeds, old and falling trees, pruning, hedging, mulching, fertilising, lawn care and high pressure or chemical cleaning of decks and paving. Working throughout Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, we understand the refined and heritage style of Newtown, the sandy and salty coastline from Point Lonsdale to Torquay and the rural hills of Ceres and beyond. To find out more about our pool landscaping and other garden design work by our Geelong landscapers, including retaining walls, driveways, stonework and decks and pergolas, contact King’s Landscaping. At lower heights, retaining walls can create a simple stepped effect up and down your garden. A simple concrete retaining wall looks smooth and clean or can be rendered, cladded or tiled for extra texture and colour. As a registered building practitioner, we also have the knowledge to coordinate the engineering and permits required for a structural retaining wall.

A bright sandstone wall at your front door or driveway entrance makes a grand welcome, while more subtle designs include formal slate archways, a speckled granite benchtop in your outdoor kitchen or a stone casing for a pond or firepit. Besides its unique aesthetic, we will suggest stone as a key material in your landscape to increase drainage and retain moisture in the soil, prevent erosion and block weeds from growing. One of the favourite projects of our Ocean Grove landscaper was a beautiful tree-lined garden which, once finished, featured paving, stunning rock walls, decking and a wide selection of plants suited to the climate. Contact Kings Landscaping to organise a garden maintenance schedule, or for other garden design or landscape construction in Geelong and district.
Then you need to get in touch with the landscape designers at King's Landscaping in Geelong. Contact King’s Landscaping in Geelong to find out how we can transform your driveway.
Contact King’s Landscaping, Geelong, to discuss your plans for a retaining wall, rock walls or any other garden landscape feature such as paving, driveways, pool landscaping and decks and pergolas. Its main function is to support soil and plants on one side to prevent erosion, but retaining walls also create levels or zones in your garden.

Retaining walls can also help to shape or remove the need for a staircase or steps, saving on space and additional cost. A stacked stone retaining wall could become the hero piece of your outdoor area, creating a dramatic garden bed filled with luscious green plants. Contact King’s Landscaping, Geelong, for more details about our landscape construction process.
From traditional garden paths, staircases, pool landscaping and driveways, right through to wine cellars, indoor feature walls, chimneys and even benchtops! Whether creating a custom-made rock wall, an interior feature wall or exterior cladding, stone landscaping is an environmentally friendly way to make your property stand out. Run your hands over the jagged rocks pieced together like a puzzle into a floor to ceiling feature wall, which will become the backdrop to your al fresco wine and cheese afternoons.

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