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Looking to upgrade your landscaping around the house and a retaining wall would fit perfect around the garage or in the back yard.
Tip: If the base row is not level and flush with each other, it will throw off the entire wall and you will notice that after a couple additional rows.
Tip: If making a bend in the wall you may have to chip off some of the knob on the bottom in order to make the bend.
Good to KnowRetaining wall blocks come in various sizes, so make your calculations accordingly. Estimate the total number of blocks needed by multiplying the number of blocks per course by the number of courses. Now that you have the base set and level as close as possible, you can now set your base row of the wall. Now is the simple task of adding the rows and the only thing to keep a close eye on is making sure the blocks line up or make a smooth bend.

As you slowly build the wall up, you will want to fill the cavity with river rock or other medium sized rock to help will filtering the water and mud when it rains. The excess should account for breakage, cutting blocks and replacements for future repairs. A block retaining wall is durable, long-lasting and can be constructed in any form to fit your landscaping needs. Plan out the area where you want to build your wall and make sure it is detailed and to scale, so when in the constructing process you won’t have to go off the top of your head and possibly make a mistake. You will want the cap to overhang about an inch over the final row or about the length from the tip of your index finger to that first line or bend of the finger.
Clean up the area in front of the wall to make it look good and prevent the base from washing out. Building one of these walls can be fairly simple, depending on the design and size of the wall.

Also you want to make sure that your base is wide enough so that your block will sit completely on the base.
Also make sure the base block is at least one inch below the surface to ensure the gravel base won't wash out underneath. When setting the base block you want to make sure that it is level from front and back and side to side.
Also when joining the blocks, you want to make sure they line up and are flush with each other.

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