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Millenia has attained the look and feel of natural stone in its products, and the light weight of their wall units offers cost-saving advantages.
The Millenia® Retaining Wall System from Millenia Wall Solutions is redefining the segmental retaining wall (SRW) industry. With its patented Structural Cell Technology™ (SCT™), Millenia uses 100 percent recycled, pre-consumer polymers to produce lightweight wall units that consist of a confinement cell secured to a rigid frame. Because of the light weight of Millenia® units, a crew constructing a wall with Millenia lifts ten percent of the weight that a crew lifts when constructing a wall of equivalent size with concrete blocks.
Millenia's proprietary imaging technology enables the company to take exact impressions of stone faces from rock formations and quarried stone from which it creates the molds used to produce its retaining wall faces and caps. Add living retaining walls to the list of ideas that are so simple yet ingenious that it’s amazing no one thought of them sooner.
SmartSlope®, a public-private venture in Brooklyn, Md., is using concrete and plants to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing retaining walls that provide structural slope retention with the lightest weight-to-coverage ratio in the industry.

Rainwater that permeates the ground above a SmartSlope wall seeps out through it and slowly waters soil pockets spaced along its face, creating an ideal habitat for plants.  With time, plant roots help to further stabilize and secure the slope. In addition to the visual benefits, SmartSlope walls are superior to conventional segmented retaining walls because they use 50 percent less concrete. This entry was posted in Business Management, Business Profile, Environment, Technology and tagged converting hardscapes to greenscapes, DNR, Jimmy Dick, living retaining wall, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, permeate, rainwater, seep, smartslope, UMD, University of Maryland, vertical rain garden.
Unit-to-unit connection locks them together with superior holding power and forms solid integral walls with consistent spacing and straight lines. Millenia has introduced an inventive, high-tech alternative to conventional building materials. Millenia Wall Solutions' polymer retaining wall system offers finer aesthetics, greater durability, labor-saving installation efficiency, plus a lower environmental impact than traditional wall products. After the units are placed and secured, weight is achieved by adding crushed stone fill - brought to the wall with a front-end loader.

Today, King's Material has eight locations and offers ready mix services, brick and concrete masonry, masonry products and tools, stone products, landscape products, and retaining wall systems.
Top-to-bottom distribution of the fill in the confinement cells, and all throughout the frames, results in a wall with all the strength and stability of any other SRW - without installers having to lift and position heavy blocks or stones. Our retaining walls are eco-friendly and offer incomparable beauty, strength, stability and durability - achieved with lightweight, recycled polymeric resin materials that contractors can install easily, quickly and with less labor.

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