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How to Repair and Maintain Landscape Lighting in Your YardThe metal contacts in low voltage landscape lighting in your yard can become corroded over time, causing them to not light properly. You will need to make sure you have purchased a landscape light that is both compatible and a suitable replacement for the old one. Even though its low voltage it’s an important safety measure to either unplug the transformer or turn the power off to the circuit at the fuse box.
If some of your outdoor low voltage landscape lighting is not working, the most likely cause is a bad connection.

Step 1:If your low voltage landscape lighting does not turn on at the right time of day, check the controller for the correct time.
Step 2:If your low voltage landscape lighting is programmed correctly but still does not turn on, check that the controller has power and is plugged in.
Step 5:If the landscape light appears to be getting power from the controller but fails to turn on, dig up the splice.
Manufacturers of outdoor lighting products realize the design weaknesses of their products and have come up with some innovative ideas to keep water out of the connection.

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