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Every time I open a plant catalog or see a television commercial for sale-priced $99 raised bed gardening kits, I cringe! You will be planting seeds and transplants close, because the beds are smaller and the soil is richer. Arizona Vegetable & Fruit GardeningFor The Arizona Desert EnvironmentPictures, Photos, Images, Descriptions, & Reviews. Newly Constructed Cement Block Raised Bed Gardens.Arizona Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens For The Arizona Desert Environment. On June 30, 2013 at about 4:03 PM the Yarnell Hill Forest Fire destroyed the home and gardens of Eve & George DeLange. This page is devoted to the rebuilding of one of their flower beds, which is now constructed out of concrete block. The least expensive option for filling the flower beds with soil is to purchase bulk topsoil.

A great resource about Raised Bed Gardening in Arizona is written by the Arizona Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona.
Another great resource about Raised Bed Gardening in Arizona is written by the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Yavapai County; Jeff Schalau, Associate Agent, Agriculture & Natural Resources. During your first year of gardening you will learn that you need somplace to put the waste from your garden.
We Buy Our Hard To Find Fruit Trees For Yarnell Arizona At Nature Hills Nursery.We Have Several Nice Fruit Trees Growing In Yarnell, Arizona. Incorporating veggies into the flower beds - and yes, even in the front yard - is a great idea. But, plants grown close together in raised beds mature faster, because they compete for nutrients and sunlight.
For those reasons, we beleived that concrete block was a practical choice for our flower beds.

Most topsoil suppliers have a "vegetable garden mix" that contains topsoil, sand, and compost.
When we had all of the rubble from the fire removed, we had a bull dozer move the good soil to an area on our land where we could easily move it to raised beds as needed, so we reused that topsoil mix.
After I situate the boxes (four or five grouped together makes a good sized garden), I put down three layers of newspaper to suppress errant weed or grass seeds that might sprout. Beds of 13 feet or longer by 4 feet wide are cheaper to build using blocks than with cedarĀ boards. Here is a great resource on building Compost Materials that can be reused back into your garden.

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