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Use the photos and information on this page to gather ideas for using raised garden beds in your landscape designs.
Not everyone has the budget to plan a raised garden bed design like the one at Villa Botanica.
Cheap raised garden beds can be knocked together from lumber left over from other projects, large stones you find on your property or cinder blocks. Tubing for a drip-irrigation system was installed before the beds were filled with 80 percent soil and 20 percent compost. I bought 6 yards of what turned out to be killer compost last year when my friend rebuilt my raised beds, thinking I was doing a good thing.
I just put down a 6-inch layer of hay for mulch on my garlic beds per the recommendation of an urban garden enthusiast in my city.
I was not an anti-chemical type when I switched careers and started my Horticulture career at a top public Japanese garden. We have just finishing our first growing season in a new raised bed garden at our church in northern NJ. Only because I ran out of time a couple of weeks ago while I was amending the soil in my new raised garden,did I not go to my neighbors pasture to gather the manure from their cows and donkeys.

1November 1, 2015leaves, leaves, leavesMy goals: To eliminate thick accumulation in the beds and borders (an invitation to voles and mice in winter, and also an obstacle next spring to emerging plants).
The variety of marauder may vary depending on where your plot is located, but there doesn't seem to be a garden anywhere that's immune from four-legged plant eaters, hole diggers, burrowers, or leaf munchers. I’ve used our own compost (from our barnyard manure) on the fruit and vegetable beds for years. Every year though I learn more and more reasons why 100% organic garden care is where I have to end up. First extract finished compost and topdress your vegetable-garden beds with it, getting a jump on spring soil prep.
Other than the cat in his garden (more on that later), his rabbit-deterring effort failed at the first line of defense: the fence.
Consider Garden Zone Rabbit Netting that is made of reinforced 20-gauge galvanized wire with extra line wire protection on the bottom half.
Nocturnal nightmares, raccoons are opportunistic feeders; if they don't find food in your garden, they will look elsewhere. Deer graze and browse leaves, stems, and buds of many woody plants, as well as alfalfa, roses, corn, vegetables, and fruits.

Paths of 4 feet were left between most beds (with a bit more clearance between the outer beds and the perimeter deer fence). At the end of last season, I had no dahlia tubers in the large bed that I amended with the stuff; however, those tubers that had been planted in old soil in another garden location were fine.
Experts agree that the most effective step to protect your garden from rabbits is by blocking access with proper fencing. Unfortunately, they are not picky eaters and will eat nearly anything ranging from insects (digging under grass) to vegetables, pet food, and garbage. I thought of straw bale beds for a year and then turn them under but the thought of herbicides again rears it’s head as does buying a load of horse manure. Robin Hood is the smallest NPR station in the nation; our garden show marked the start of its fourth year in March, and is syndicated via PRX.
I have always tried to keep our gardening organic, but even in the organic world we have to be cautious and informed.

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