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Over at the Mom It Forward blog they have a tutorial on building a raise garden out of pallets. I also knew I wanted to use recycled pallets again this year, to keep the cost of building supplies down. Last month, while Grace was enjoying her first day in her little pool, Joe got to work building 2 garden beds. Each pallet was eight slats high, we could have gotten more beds out of our stack of pallets, if we cut into each pallet into 4 pieces each two slats high.
I want to share more photos of our recycled pallet garden beds in action, but this post is already picture heavy! Pallets are nature’s way of providing us with something that gives us the feel of god-like powers so that we can make anything from a simple source of wood in the shape of a pallet.

Using pallets for raised beds we sleep in is great, but using them for raised garden beds is also very cool and it gives something back to our planet in return. Pinterest is a great source of ideas for pallet gardens, but my husband had some ideas of his own.
I'm gonna leave a pallet on the bottom as the base though so I can move the bed with a forklift.
So it’s a good think to use wood pallets to be eco-friendly and show off our green thumbs. From these 25 pallets as raised beds ideas you can see DIY people are repainting pallets, re-cutting them, stacking them and make vertical gardens from palettes.
As these are really deep and off the ground, I used large rocks from a former rock garden to fill in the bottom before filling with "Mels mix" organic compost, vermiculite and peat moss.

You can so much with a pallet and when you are helping the environment, the world and God is pleased well.
After all, God surely invented the palette for the DIYers out there, oh, and mason jars too!

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