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Tubing for a drip-irrigation system was installed before the beds were filled with 80 percent soil and 20 percent compost. I bought 6 yards of what turned out to be killer compost last year when my friend rebuilt my raised beds, thinking I was doing a good thing. I just put down a 6-inch layer of hay for mulch on my garlic beds per the recommendation of an urban garden enthusiast in my city. I was not an anti-chemical type when I switched careers and started my Horticulture career at a top public Japanese garden. We have just finishing our first growing season in a new raised bed garden at our church in northern NJ. Only because I ran out of time a couple of weeks ago while I was amending the soil in my new raised garden,did I not go to my neighbors pasture to gather the manure from their cows and donkeys. 1November 1, 2015leaves, leaves, leavesMy goals: To eliminate thick accumulation in the beds and borders (an invitation to voles and mice in winter, and also an obstacle next spring to emerging plants).
A 3 x 6-ft bed should be wide enough to support sprawling tomatoes, but narrow enough to reach easily from both sides.
Once you add an automatic watering system to your raised-bed garden, you're free to plant, weed and harvest. Links to more information and sample plans for vegetable growing can be found at planning a raised bed vegetable garden. For information about how to grow vegetables generally, take a look at creating a successful home vegetable garden. How To Use A Soil pH Test Kit Jan 08, 14 08:19 AMHow to use a soil pH test kit to find out if your garden soil is acid, alkaline or neutral. I’ve used our own compost (from our barnyard manure) on the fruit and vegetable beds for years.

Every year though I learn more and more reasons why 100% organic garden care is where I have to end up.
First extract finished compost and topdress your vegetable-garden beds with it, getting a jump on spring soil prep.
These controlled experiments in plant parenthood are so easy, in fact, that they're also well-suited to novices picking up a shovel for the first time.Bad dirt is out, because you fill a raised bed with a customized soil-and-compost blend. Outline the bed dimensions on the ground with chalkline or string, then dig with vertical strokes along the outline, just deep enough to bury about half of your first course of lumber. Soil pH kits are cheap, effective, simple to use, and are an indispensable aid to more successful gardening. Paths of 4 feet were left between most beds (with a bit more clearance between the outer beds and the perimeter deer fence). At the end of last season, I had no dahlia tubers in the large bed that I amended with the stuff; however, those tubers that had been planted in old soil in another garden location were fine.
Drainage is built into the bed walls, which hold the soil in place to keep erosion in check.
Raised beds are designed so water trickles down, eliminating most of the problem of poor drainage. I thought of straw bale beds for a year and then turn them under but the thought of herbicides again rears it’s head as does buying a load of horse manure.
Greater exposure to the sun warms the bed, which allows more plant diversity and extends the growing season. Robin Hood is the smallest NPR station in the nation; our garden show marked the start of its fourth year in March, and is syndicated via PRX.
I have always tried to keep our gardening organic, but even in the organic world we have to be cautious and informed.

If possible, build more than one bed, which makes it easier to rotate crops and meet the watering needs of specific plants. Watering troughs or claw-foot tubs can work, as long as they have the capacity and drainage.But by far the most common material for raised beds is lumber. The major caveat, since raised beds are often used to grow edibles, is to steer clear of wood preserved with toxins. Raised-bed builders often sink posts into the ground for stability, either at the inside corners of the bed or halfway along the side walls.
These help hold the bed in place, but can also reduce the outward pressure that a full bed exerts on the frame, which can dislodge the lumber after a single season. For pest control, cover the bed with bird netting or with gauzelike fabrics known as floating row covers, which keep out flying insects but let in both light and air. To protect the tubing, bury it a few inches and cover the line with mulch.Lay the tubing along the beds in lines 12 in.
Whether using pressure-treated or naturally rot-resistant wood, put the bed together with galvanized or stainless screws or bolts. Plus, it provides a handy place to set down gardening tools while working, or, when you're done, a seat to admire the fruits of your labor.

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