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Annette and Kim’s suburban veggie patch demonstrates that a small area can be made productive and kid-friendly when it’s integrated well with other parts of the garden. When Kim and Annette originally planned their vegetable garden, the plan was sketched out and crop rotation schedules included in the design. Sign up today for our FREE e-mail newsletters and get helpful tips and timely article links delivered to your e-mail inbox.
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Design solutions, designer interviews, room makeovers, garden tips, video tours, sweepstakes news, and special offers. Apart from the obvious healthy and long term cost benefits of growing your own veggies at home, there are other great health and social benefits of owning Speaking Australian™ raised garden beds & furniture. When kids participate in growing their own fruit and veg, they are usually keener to eat the stuff as well! If they want to help in the kitchen, kids have the opportunity to boast at school and to friends that they created a complete meal from scratch, including even growing the ingredients. Most kids love fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, etc and these can help excite children into tending the bed for you, so you don’t have to spend much time watering, weeding, sowing and feeding the garden yourself.
Kids are learning young adult living skills of how not just to grow plants, but also how to keep them healthy, including what plants are affected by different bugs and diseases and how they can be managed.

Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture is of standard seat height of a typical outdoor setting, and is easily strong enough to support seating for numerous adults. Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture provides an aesthetically pleasing quality piece of outdoor furniture that will blend in with an outdoor decking environment.
Because of its proprietary frame design, robust quality and completely Australian made materials and design,  Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture will last for years, hence the generous Manufacturer’s warranty. Speaking Australian™ raised garden beds & furniture can be placed on decking, pavers or directly on lawn or garden surfaces.
The fresh vegetables grown in Annette and Kim’s kid-friendly home vegetable garden rarely make it from the veggie patch to the kitchen table.
Within 10 square metres are 2 large raised vegetable garden beds, 4 tyre stacks, a compost bin, a worm farm, a chook tractor and a small greenhouse.
With five kids to manage some of that planning has had to be set aside for practical considerations, but the basic design still holds.
In the future, Annette would like to better integrate the chooks by building a run around the raised vegetable garden.Crops are grown year round, but in busier years a green manure crop is grown in the vegetable patch over Winter to be dug back in early Spring. This Old House TV landscape contractor Roger Cook recently built a raised garden with a few young friends. Ideally you’d love for them to find interest in something a bit healthier for both body and mind. You no longer need those tired old plastic or fold up chairs for when extra people, kids or grandkids visit.

Also nearby is the kids potting bench, which doubles up as an insect collecting bay.The vegetable patch is positioned in the back corner of the yard, opening onto the children’s play area. There are two raised bed vegetable gardens side by side, flanked by four tyre stacks for vegetables such as potato, rhubarb and tomatoes. Each Spring, the raised garden beds are dug out to the depth of one sleeper and that soil is used to fill tyre stacks.
With the provided seating, she doesn’t feel tired after working on it for a while (and sneaking the odd snack when a fruit or veg matures!); she can even use it as a seated lunch or snack break without having to go back inside or find an outdoor chair. Great for people who may be at risk from or suffer from arthritic conditions and bad backs. The raised bed vegetable garden is then mulched with sugarcane until the family is ready to plant. And what better reward is there for a garden well tended than a crisp carrot straight from the earth (washed, of course) or a nice ripe tomato right from the vine. The raised bed vegetable garden also contains beets, tri-coloured rhubarb, garlic, carrots, capsicum, silverbeet, tomatoes (Tiny Tim, Grosse Lisse and Black Russian), potatoes (Kipfler and Pontiac), peas and nasturtiums.The kids are so successfully involved in the vegetable gardening process that it’s the only space in the yard they’re willing to weed.
The only time Kim gets cranky about the kids in the garden is when they pull out seedlings while they’re ‘weeding'.

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