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The Garden Defender  Fence Protection System is a unique and effective solution that keeps deer, rabbits and rodents out of your flower or vegetable gardens in such a way that they will not be harmed. Unlike other garden fences, The Garden Defender assembles quickly and disassembles very fast, most times in only 20 minutes. Select any image to see an enlargement and look through the collection of photos from a gardening enthusiast using The Garden Defender  for the last seven years. Here you can see how the cucumber plants like to wrap onto the wire mesh of The Garden Defender. Above: Heavy Duty Deer Fencing made of heavy weight polypropylene mesh fences that can be attached to posts to create a fence. If you live in an area like I do where the rabbits (and other pests) are a plenty, then you already know the pain of trying to keep them from eating your garden.

Normally you would put up some poultry (or other type) fencing to keep them out, attaching the fencing to posts. Here is a great project where you can section off your fencing, and over time, only replace the sections that are worn down, as opposed to having to replace the whole thing, or doing any fancy fence mending.
Because of its sturdy construction and height, large animals like deer will not be able to damage your crops and because of the easily swing-open door, the organic gardening enthusiast will have easy access inside the fence to pick, weed and harvest. The variety of marauder may vary depending on where your plot is located, but there doesn't seem to be a garden anywhere that's immune from four-legged plant eaters, hole diggers, burrowers, or leaf munchers.
Other than the cat in his garden (more on that later), his rabbit-deterring effort failed at the first line of defense: the fence.
Consider Garden Zone Rabbit Netting that is made of reinforced 20-gauge galvanized wire with extra line wire protection on the bottom half.

Nocturnal nightmares, raccoons are opportunistic feeders; if they don't find food in your garden, they will look elsewhere.
Experts agree that the most effective step to protect your garden from rabbits is by blocking access with proper fencing.
That means a wire mesh fence that is 2- to 3-feet high (most rabbits cannot jump higher) and that is buried at least 6 inches deep to thwart diggers (recall Peter's escape). Many will stay away for fear of their own fate (however, be warned that urban raccoons will win a cat or dog fight any day of the week).

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