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While weed suppression is our main reason for using landscape fabric, there are a few additional benefits worth noting.  First, unlike plastic, landscape fabric is reusable. In past years we’ve burned the fabric outdoors because the fumes are pretty toxic, but when wind free days are scarce in the spring, we’ve had to move the project inside.
Before laying the fabric, beds are amended with compost and fertilizer, then lightly tilled and given four lines of drip irrigation each.
While using landscape fabric is certainly more labor intensive than straight field planting on the front and back end of the season, we’ve found that the added weed suppression, heat, and perfectly spaced plants are well worth the effort. Fabric is rolled out over the beds and irrigation and is anchored into the soil with 6″ metal earth staples. After the crop has been harvested, we remove the netting, mow the remaining foliage down with our brush hog set two feet above the ground, chain the ends of the fabric to our tractor bucket and pull it up.

The following spring, determined to have a more successful experience, I borrowed a thousand dollars from my mom and ordered enough landscape fabric to cover my barely half acre plot.
I recently inherited a batch from a former flower farmer that she bought in the 90’s and is still in pretty good shape considering its age.  Second, things like Zinnias, Celosia and Basil, which like warmer soil and heat, thrive when planted into the fabric. The six foot width allows four feet for the growing bed and if overlapped with another swath of fabric, a two foot wide path in between beds.  Just enough room to get down for planting, weeding and harvesting.
For perfect spacing and increased efficiency, a burning template should be created beforehand.
With music cranked and someone to help move the template, we are able to burn a two hundred and fifty foot roll (1,600 holes spaced 9 inches apart) in a little over an hour. My husband Chris burned close to 15,000 holes in landscape fabric that spring and I finally had a thriving and relatively weed free garden.  A lot has changed since then, both the kids and the garden have grown rapidly, but that initial batch of landscape fabric is still in use and has been added to each season.

Fourth, fabric makes for a tidy, clean looking garden which is always a bonus!  Fifth, plant spacing is a snap when the holes are preset. Lastly, we generally only have to do two early rounds of weeding on the fabric beds before they can coast for the rest of the season. Compared to the typical four or five rounds of weeding needed on our open field crops, the cost of the fabric quickly pays for itself in saved labor.

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