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They’re perfect for year-round enjoyment - A plunge pool can be heated just like a standard-size pool for use in winter. Photos by Paul RollisThis is an example of a farmhouse backyard rectangular pool in San Francisco with concrete slab. The clients are able to enjoy this corner of their pool relaxing in the chaise lounge chairs. Cross River Designs is one of the premier landscape design and build firms in the United States.

Or, it can be designed to do double duty as a spa.Inspiration for a small transitional partial sun backyard landscape in Dc Metro with a water feature.
There's visual continuity between the indoor and outdoor pools and the lagoon fronting the property.
Although it might be seen as a luxury, swimming pools serve many functions and are therefore often worth the splurge.
We are known for our ability to develop and implement environmentally sustainable and visually rich landscapes that transform our clients' visions into reality. Established nearly 20 years ago, Cross River Design is the recipient of dozens of awards for landscape excellence.

In this pool the blue plaster at the bottom of the pool gives it its blue color,” she says.Inspiration for a farmhouse rectangular pool in New York with natural stone pavers. In places with hot summers and mild winters, backyard pools are a buyer requirement, so installing one can help your home sell faster and for a higher market value.

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