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Operating within a specified budget or price range, our designers will draft a design for your review including several options and variations. The same well-points placed during the initial dig may be re-utilized to pump-out sub-surface water as well to relieve this pressure.  IF you don't see umbrella sleeves or volleyball cups, don't worry, we will install them prior to plaster. Your coping normally covers the bond beam and if designed, planter facings and step risers. If you have chosen accent tile for your pool, it will often be applied just before plaster or pebble finish. The customer should give careful thought and mark the location of mosaics and deco tiles long before the shell is shot, so either the tile subcontractor or finish specialist will know where to place these items.  The best case is for the customer to be present while the finishing crew is applying the finish. Sod and shrub replacement is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise contracted for up front.  The degree of restoration is already determined by you and your designer as discussed at your preconstruction meeting. Your screen enclosure and pool “safety” fencing will typically be installed prior to plaster and pool filling.  This is for safety and to protect the plaster or Pebble-TEC surface following application. Your plaster, Marcite, Quartz or Pebble-TecO coating is actually what seals the pool, allowing it to retain water.

After your pool is filled with water to the middle of the tile line, call us and we'll come out and start up your pool. Your pool's layout is normally to water's edge so it's necessary for your excavator to move his forms back at least 8” for the bond beam. Three inches will be added to the excavated floor depth to compensate for the exposed portion of your pool tile. Once your pool is plastered we will immediately put a hose in the pool (with a rag attached) to begin filling your pool.
A pool start up consists of cutting out your skimmer loops (used to pressurize your plumbing), installing directional inlets, turning on your pump (to begin circulation), bleeding your gas line (if required), adding start up chemicals to your pool, and testing all aspects of the pool. Your pool and spa lights are water cooled and cannot be operated while not under water. Start-up personnel will drop off a pole and brush at this time so that you may begin brushing your pool. Please do not turn on your breakers or any switches prior to our starting your full pool.

So, if the pool is six feet deep, then the ramp would extend outside of the water's edge about twelve feet. These are weep holes to prevent your pool from floating due to subsurface (hydrostatic) water pressure. Your electrician will also run a bond wire from your steel rebar deck dowels, pool and or spa light, and any metal, including hand rails or ladders.  Your electrician will then pull wires through the conduit and connect your equipment and lights to your breaker box. It will help you to develop your design consciousness and bring out your own individual style. Here you will notice the greatest trove of interior design and decorating tip on the internet, including this images.
Moreover, you will find some cohesive professionals and vendors to equip the work of interior designers and decorators.

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