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How to… plan a swimming pool designPlanning a swimming pool design can be a breeze if you follow these simple guidelines.
When you build a swimming pool in your backyard, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. Because your swimming pool can quickly become a pivotal point for entertaining, designing it to artfully integrate with adjacent covered spaces will help to maximise its use, even in the cooler months of the year.
The addition of a poolside cabana or pavilion to accommodate guests makes the pool area more conducive to entertaining. Attention to surrounding landscaped areas around the pool and pavilion areas also helps to integrate the spaces and makes it more appealing, he adds.
A cabana will turn your pool area into your home’s entertaining hub and heating your pool will extend its use. There are many ways you can appreciate your pool all year round; with the clever use of pool and cabana lighting. Try grouping occasional chairs together in a conversation corner with side tables, position a modular lounge to look out over the sparkling pool, and a cosy swinging egg chair the kids will love. There are many different types of enclosures to help you keep snug around your pool any time of the year. This indoor pool, designed by Natural Pools, affords maximum privacy and full protection from the weather. There are many ways you can heat your pool; with solar heating, pool blankets, heat pumps, motorised hard covers and roller covers. A swimming pool cover will help to keep the water at a warmer temperature as well keep leaves and debris out.

Check with your local energy retailer if you are able to run your pool equipment on an off-peak tariff.
There are many options for pool covers and blankets, which will reduce the amount of water and chemical loss from evaporation and the amount of heat loss overnight if your pool is heated. Decking is definitely back as a pool surround choice and many modern pool designs integrate both pavers and timber decking for textural and colour contrast.
Pool fencing regulations are strict for a good reason; they do prevent children from drowning.
Fences that don’t block any view of the pool are the most popular, such as frameless glass as the least obtrusive (and most expensive), framed glass, vertical tensioned steel cable or powder-coated aluminium. These creatively designed indoor swimming pools connect to nature and allow you to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather. David Haythorne, Managing Director of Integrated Pools, says a well-positioned swimming pool can be viewed from the main living areas of the home, so you can enjoy it all year round. For example, you might step up to the pool at the same level as the house, if you add raised garden beds, you give some form to the backyard,” he says. During the day, if the swimming pool has a water fall or deck jets, it becomes a shimmering water feature. James Hutchins, Managing Director of The Pool Enclosure Company, says there are also enclosures available that offer cosy warmth in winter and can be retracted back in summer. Taking a dip in a chilly autumn afternoon might appeal to some, braving the chill in the dead of winter to a few, but heating your pool, at least partially, is bound to extend your swim time and keep those goosebumps at bay.
You don’t need to heat your pool as much, or use as much gas or electricity, the covers save chemicals and you’re minimising water evaporation.

If you don’t like the idea of putting one on and taking it off, consider using a liquid pool blanket.
You will need to use high-grade stainless-steel fastenings around a saltwater pool and if you stain the timber too dark it will be too hot to walk on.
At night, pool and cabana lighting can illuminate selected plants in the gardens and surrounds adding soft warmth. With an indoor pool, you’ll have protection from UV rays during the summer months as well however, an indoor pool doesn’t allow you to appreciate and immerse yourself in the luxurious weather and outdoor lifestyle that is very much part of the Australian way of living.
Your pool builder will know your state’s laws as they can’t legally fill a pool until the fence is constructed.
You may also want a screening section of fencing to hide a pool blanket roller or the back of the compulsory safety sign. There are endless uses for your pool, to not only help you keep your cool but to entertain with style. With adjustable mood lighting, the flick of a switch converts your poolside cabana into a romantic place for dinner for two, or cranks up the vibe to an energetic party atmosphere. Check with your local pool shop or service guy to ensure that this is configured correctly.

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