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PlanningPool companies, as a whole, are volume based and not generally concerned with uniquely designed master plans. There is a place for volume and replication and there is a place for uniqueness and innovation, Marquise Pools is the latter. The Houston Design Center features 280,000 square feet of office space and showroom space for interior design and architecture. For over 50 years, our members have created some of the most elite custom pools in the world. The Master Pools Guild is a network of over 100 elite custom residential and commercial pool builders from across the globe. Since our members are not competitors, choosing a Master Pools Guild member is like choosing a local expert with access to over 100 additional expert consultants from across the globe. When you choose a Master Pools Guild member, you truly are choosing a firm that can transform your vision into a place of beauty and enjoyment for years to come. Lombardo PoolsLombardo PoolsLombardo Pools "It's only been a week since our pool was finished, but I can't get enough of it or take enough pictures of it. From our collective knowledge, we invite you to explore our vast library of video and editorial resources to help you in your decision to purchase a pool.

As designers of some of the world’s most beautiful poolscapes, the members of the Master Pools Guild have compiled this list of the top ten trends in swimming pool and spa design for 2015. In order to create steady cash flow they find a few pool designs they are comfortable building and then replicate these choice pools. With more than 35 showrooms and design firms, The Houston Design Center is the most complete source for the finest in interior furnishings and furniture, unique fabrics, wall and floor coverings, lighting, art, antiques, accessories, florals and fixtures for home or office. Our builders are meticulously hand chosen because of their innovative design style, professionalism, superior construction quality, scrupulous attention to detail and their ability to foster great relationships with their customers, contractors and vendors. Understanding the importance of keeping abreast of the latest design trends and pool and spa technology, Master Pools Guild members are committed to continuing education and adhere to the industry’s best practices. This benefits them because they know exactly how to build that pool, how much money they will make, and the subs can construct them more rapidly. Many of our clients spend the money they do for a unique and innovative design that no one else has. For the money that many of these pools cost, there should be a uniqueness tailored to that particular family and architecture. The planning process was Tina Hillestad Pool Tech MidwestPool Tech Midwest "I want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for helping us out with our pool.

That is Marquise Pools primary mission, to create original and innovative design master plans.
You and your staff Steph Geremia PoolsGeremia Pools "After finally deciding to put a pool in the backyard, we researched numerous pool companies and got several bids.
OUTSTANDING DESIGN, MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE!" EBN Aqua Blue Pools CharlestonAqua Blue Pools Charleston "Fabulous Pool Builder - Highly Recommended.
They Wilhamena Shasta PoolsShasta Pools "Exceptional Customer Service and Delivery ON TIME! Exceptional process of building a pool from conception, design, thru construction to filling with water!
Every step was Michael Barrington PoolsBarrington Pools "After months of research and getting multiple quotes, we decided to go with Barrington Pools because of their experience and reputation in the local area.
KatePatio Pools & SpasPatio Pools & Spas "Top Notch Customer Service Bought a house with a pool, never had a pool before.

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