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Understory plantings with tree canopy coverage helps insulate the area by keeping it a bit warmer and protected from frost.
Fences or cold hardy hedges on the north or northwest side of more tropical plants can act as a buffer against cold winds. If you then cover a plant for a chilly night, the covering helps capture warmth from the soil.
Fungus - Plants suffer stress from cold and may show signs of plant fungus - often developing brown spots on leaves. You can also spray your plants just before winter sets in to strengthen their resistance to fungus. See our Plant List Page for all the Cold Hardy Plants on this site!And check out our exclusive Landscape in a Box - Cold Hardy Landscapes.

Most of us would like to design our own landscaping  - but we're hesitant about our ability to picture the whole thing.
South Florida landscaping ideas to go - with group photos of plants to make visualizing easy. See "Companion Plant Suggestions" at the bottom of each of the Plant Pages for more South Florida landscaping ideas.Most of all - have fun!
The experts at the University of Florida Extension Service have combined their talents and years of experience. The links are missing to the numbered EDIS publications for the critical proper planting of trees, turf and landscape plants so you will have to do some further searching on the Home Lawn and Landscape Section of the extensive EDIS Site to complete the implementation of your plan. Landscape in a Box is basically a jumping-off point to get you started - and inspired.Each photo in this section is named, with a link to the Plant Page about that particular plant.

You may need to know more about it so you'll know how to best use it in your yard.Keep in mind that many of the plants here - in this section and throughout this site - do best in Zone 10. So we've included a section on Cold Hardy Landscapes for those of you who live in Zone 9B, as well as people in Zone 10 who prefer these plants.

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