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Tips on using raised beds and vertical gardening to get the most from your vegetable patch. Even if you have plenty of room in your backyard, intensive gardening can require less work while still providing lots of heathy plants.
Vertical gardens are both a wise use of space and aesthetically pleasing (see Containers with Altitude).
WhenĀ interplanting flowers and herbs in the vegetable gardenĀ make sure to grow plants with similar requirements near each other.
In a raised bed or interplanted garden, plants are grown more closely together than in a traditional row garden.
If seeds are started indoors, there is always something ready to go into the garden as space opens up. Found what I was looking for (companion, insect deterrent planting) but agree with Kim’s response, This is after all square foot gardening.
Digging up the 4 ft planting areas and sowing cool weather seeds (onions, garlic, lettuce, cabbage etc., as I progressed.
A neighbor had very good luck because of our wet spring and his too wet garden growing potatoes in felt buckets.
Below is my planting schedule of crops to ensure continual harvests of food crops from our vegetable garden.
Two things are vital in year round gardening, constant amending with compost and in our hot climate, mulching to retain moisture in the soil. No more rows, I look at my garden as a grid, almost like a quilt and each box, some larger, some smaller, is packed with different vegetables.

Now I am moving away from sowing cool season crops and in the summer this main garden bed is let go to fill with pumpkins, squash and tomatoes. Instead of wasted room between rows of crops, the garden area is maximized — that way you get the most vegetables, fruits and flowers in the smallest amount of growing space. Usually there is less weeding involved since plants are spaced closer together and every bit of garden space is cultivated throughout the entire growing season.
Plants grown on walls, trellises and fences can cool your home or garden and block views you don’t want to see. This can be done by alternating rows within a bed, alternating plants within a row or mixing up plants throughout the bed.
When growing vegetables, herbs or fruits, stagger your rows so that a plant in one row is between two plants in the other row.
If I understand it's suggested to grow potatoes with 18-24" between potato rows (I think some may say even more space is better). The production amount often doesn't warrant all the space used up in a small garden space where other crops can be grown more productively.
They come in various sizes and materials, are easy to use, and save that limited garden space for several other crops. AR HZ8 Sun-35)We weren't planning on planting too many plants (least not compared to some folk) about 60 or so for the two of us. I agree with trench method and small hills or just planting spuds into a raised area is a good way to go. Using raised beds, we use a bulb planter to plant the seed potatoes in rows, with 1foot centres.

Year round gardening is possible but when most of the country takes a break during winter and heads indoors, we have our main break from gardening in the hottest months of summer. Unlike the typical garden where you amend the soil, plant and harvest and you are done, in southern California you can have up to three to four planting seasons. Unless I am planting in a new area, I only dig a hole big enough for the plant or seed I am placing. You can see in my old garden photo, the sunflowers look nice but I placed them where they often shaded my other plants. So my gardening efforts for vegetables are in containers along with the soil amendment we manufacture and try to get a little taste of tomatoes before it gets to hot. However, because there is less room between crops, weeding will need to be done by hand or with smaller garden tools — there will not be enough room for machinery.
I went back into the good old earth and used some of the concepts of not using rows, what I guess is intensive gardening. Most plants, except those adapted to high temps, either die or stop setting fruit, then as summer heads into fall, the garden reawakens and is in high production again.

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