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Nancy Friese is a leading landscape painter and printmaker who paints outdoors from direct observation, often of the Rhode Island landscape, where she also lives and teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design. Unlike many other contemporary landscape painters, like Rackstraw Downes, who paint with a more objective, naturalistic approach, Ms.
This approach show affinities with such painters as Vincent Van Gogh and Charles Burchfield not only for their use of color but how they transformed views of their immediate surroundings to such lasting poetic resonance and visual power. Landscape paintings are hand painted at the best possible prices, paintings are originals and can be ordered in any sizes. Take a look at this oil painting, entitled Eastern Shore Marsh , and see if you can spot how the above techniques are used to create depth.
The first thing you might have noticed is that a sense of distance is established by cooling the hues as the eye moves back into the painting. In the following watercolor painting, A Walk in the Orchard, overlapping elements play a much more significant role in pushing the apple trees back into the distance. It’s important to note that in both of these paintings artistic license was definitely taken.
So as you plan your future landscapes, keep the aforementioned tips in mind and make use of them as needed.

We've all been taught that "oil and water do not mix." However, we also know that rules are made to be broken in art, so it's no surprise that water soluble oil paints are starting to appear much more frequently on the scene. She has also traveled widely to paint views from such places as Japan, Pont-Aven and Giverny, France, her native North Dakota and other scenes around New England. An interesting side note, Nancy Friese had a studio along with several other artists painting views from the 91st floor windows of the World Trade Center.
There is such a mastery of technique that the paintings look casual, relaxed, when in fact they are clearly carefully crafted and highly abstracted. Use less detail, texture, and definition when painting objects in the mid-ground and background of the landscape. As elements recede in the distance, paint them at a much smaller scale than objects in the foreground. The original landscapes were not as extreme in value, color, or temperature changes as my painted interpretations are. For many artists (myself included) they are the key to creating depth and distance in any painting.
She uses brilliant color and broad, painterly brushwork and surface texture but appears to remain faithful to the view.

And even though the breadth and history of these long and continually evolving phenomena have rarely been acknowledged by the art world, the lure of the physical and sensual exhilaration of the one-to-one encounter with nature that lies at the center of plein air painting shows no signs of diminishing.
She studied painting and printmaking at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and was a recipient of a Yale University Summer School of Music and Art at Norfolk fellowship. However, I’m not sure that Nancy Friese is that interested in having her painting succeed in the more traditional landscape concerns as you mentioned. Her use of saturated, trippy color, particularly in the intense greens, may at first seem or jarring to landscape painters with a more tonal or traditional temperament but if these paintings used more sober, naturalistic tones – I worry it would suffocate the new life she is bringing to the scene. I like that her work breaks a few landscape rules and like you said there is a real joy and life to the work that makes up for technical shortcomings.

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