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Rotorua Museum Discover Rotorua's rich culture, volatile landscape and legendary figures in this ‘must see' museum.
The Fund is aimed at preserving cultural sites, objects and forms of traditional expression that have a historical or cultural significance.
The Provincial and Local-level Governments Program (PLGP) is Australia’s mechanism to support initiatives of the Government of Papua New Guinea that aim to improve service delivery by strengthening the capacity of sub-national levels of government.
The Media and Communications Adviser will assist the Autonomous Bougainville Government’s (ABG) Bureau of Public Affairs, Media and Communications to develop a Media and Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan (2015-2020) with special focus on the public information and awareness requirements for supporting the Bougainville Referendum on Autonomy and Independence scheduled for 2020. The adviser will also assist the ABG to identify the broader priority investments (infrastructure, human resource development, institutional arrangements) to improve communication on and understanding of the Bougainville Peace Agreement. The ideal candidate for this position will have experience in developing and implementing communications strategies in developing countries. It is expected that the candidate bring highly developed oral and written communication skills and have the appropriate interpersonal communication skills to relate and negotiate effectively, including being able to convey concepts clearly and concisely with a diverse range of stakeholders.
The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate experience of capacity building in the developing country context, including mentoring and enhancing skills of national staff.
International tourism Buyers (travel agents and wholesalers) interested in sending visitors to Bougainville PNG have given the recent South Pacific Tourism Exchange (SPTE) 2015 and especially Bougainville as a future growing tourism destination the ‘thumbs-up’ after two-days of successful business-to-business meetings at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre .
Tour operators, hotel and accommodation providers as well as National Tourism Offices from 16 Pacific Island Countries converged into Melbourne with over 60 international buyers from the traditional source markets of Australia and New Zealand to the emerging long haul markets of the United States, China and Europe to conduct business and networking.
Zhon Bosco Miriona, Managing Director of Bougainville Experience Tours for second time in the past year was able to represent Bougainville on the world stage supported by Colin Cowell an International media and tourism consultant with over 25 years’ experience marketing Indigenous tourism. Mr Miriona stated SPTE 2015 was bigger than initially anticipated and the large number of buyers and sellers at this year’s event is indicative of the growing interest in the Pacific region’s only tourism exchange. Mr Miriona went on to say that the major problem that Bougainville cultural tourism has is that the Bougainville Government cannot guarantee funding or dates for the many festivals or events that occur each year throughout the island such as Mona and the Reeds Festival .
List of Lodges, corporates and individuals who attended and donated for the fundraising for BET rep to attend the 2nd South Pacific Tourism Exchanges in Melbourne Australia. The books were delivered to the libraries of 12 schools in the district, including Torokina, Kawai, Atsinima and Tsitovi Primary Schools. The books were purchased from Buk Bilong Pikinini, a charity which works to establish children’s libraries in PNG and foster a love of reading and learning.
Improving access to and the quality of basic education is a focus of Australia’s development partnership with PNG. The increasing ubiquity and diminishing costs of digital technology enabled BookGainville  to solve these problems in a simple and straight-forward way. In the first stage BookGainville has utilized Amazon Kindles that cost originally Aus$99.00 and can hold up to 1,400 books each.
Books are necessary for the development of these skills, and still many schools in Bougainville have few or no books at all. In these circumstances, my daughter is an alien in Bougainville and the law of this island has not served its purpose in protecting her.
I travel regularly through my matrilineal home districts of Panguna and Kieta to my patrilineal Buin where my partner and mother of 10-month old Dollorose comes from. The point is that through the diverse lenses of the 19-plus cultures of Bougainville, Section 7 has no value and relevance.
In this day and age, with the high growth rate of the Bougainville population and dwindling of natural resources, the rights to access land has limitations and conditions. Bougainvillean cultures, unlike the Bougainville Constitution, have provisions that grant people like me land ownership rights. On the unoccupied plateau above the Kupe-Topinang-Pomaua-Sirerongsi-Pakia Gap-Panguna circle, my grandfather passed to me and my brother such land ownership rights. In Buin, there are cultural provisions that allow my partner land ownership rights; yet still our daughter Dolloroseis not a citizen of Buin as she is seen as being from my Kieta society.
The Bougainville Constitution clearly did not spell out the fate of children born to fathers from matrilineal societies marrying into patrilineal society and born to mothers from patrilineal societies marrying into matrilineal societies.

This was the first time for a Tourist boat to visit the island which is on the North West Coast of Buka island and surrounded by other smaller islands.
Since the end of the conflict Tourist boats have  been visiting Bougainville since 2009 and the number of vessels have increased. The Oceanic Discoverer  berthed just off the main Pororan island and tourists had to get on a smaller ferry to take them about five minutes boat ride to the island where the whole village including those from nearby YAPARU and YITOU villages were waiting with displays of both sea shells, artifacts and dancing and singing. Tour Organizer LAWRENCE BELLEH was very happy that his people had done well to welcome the visitors and this included ground preparation to prepare the village for the visitors.BELLEH said that he was satisfied that the people of Pororan had created history by getting a tourist boat to their island and that the team leader on the vessel had promised that PORORAN would be included ss one of their destinations in the future.
According to the visitors who were Americans this was their first time in the South Pacific and that they really enjoyed coming to Bougainville.
The Oceanic Explorer  arrived at Pororan island just after 11 am yesterday and left Pororan after 9pm last night which is also one of the longest visits by a Tourist boat to Bougainville so far. Bougainville continues to attract International cruise ships boosting tourism, economic and cultural opportunities throughout island according to Bougainville tourism operator Zhon Bosco Miriona . Shipping companies are taking an increasing interest in PNG, with passenger arrivals surging and even big ships now heading to PNG’s and Bougainville shores, Brian Johnston reports.
Particularly strong growth has been recorded in the Asian and Australian markets; a record 834,000 Australians took a cruise holiday in 2013. The US, New Zealand, Japan and the UK are significant markets, but half of all cruise visitors to PNG are Australians. While new jetties have been built in Kitava and Kaibola, among others, Milne Bay became the focus of efforts, since Alotau already had a good port and is well positioned on potential cruise routes from Australia. Currently P&O Cruises visits five PNG ports and will add Kavieng and Madang early this year. Small-size expedition ships continue to have a strong presence, among them Coral Princess Cruises’ Oceanic Discoverer and North Star Cruises’ True North, which carries a helicopter and Zodiac landing boats for access to remote areas.
One of the potential benefits of cruising is that it brings visitors to remote areas that cannot otherwise to reached, providing a boost to village economies through the provision of shore excursions, cultural experiences and handicrafts.
With the big surge in PNG cruising barely two years old, that remains to be seen, but certainly these are exciting times for cruise tourism in PNG and Bougainville. With Bougainville leading the way in the use of digital technology to improve literacy though the use of Bookgainville Kindles currently being introduced to 15 Bougainville schools in 2015 by James Tanis and Simon Pentanu, its time we investigated other cost efficient technologies such as daily mobile phone text message stories that could improve English teaching and ultimately, children’s reading. Like many schools in Papua New Guinea, Bunamgl School has virtually no access to reading materials, making teaching and learning English an enormous challenge. SMS Story was designed by VSO’s education programme manager Richard Jones in collaboration with VSO volunteers and local education specialists to support children in reading English, incorporating phonics and keywords.
Following the trial, some teachers said they would like this approach built into the curriculum and the stories and lesson plans are being included in the new national PNG curriculum.
In the absence of reading materials and materials to help plan lessons, SMS Stories provides a simple and low-cost way to raise literacy levels.
Last year I spent some time in Papua New Guinea (or PNG, as it is often called), where the World Bank is supporting a number of development projects, and has activities in both the ICT and education sectors. The project, which was funded by the Australian Government and designed and managed by Voluntary Services Overseas, in partnership with the PNG Department of Education, was implemented as a small controlled experiment utlizing the popular Frontline SMS tool.
In addition to whatever value the content itself offered, Watson noted another benefit: “the teachers were actually receiving materials and ideas and suggestions daily. While most of the attention of developers and researchers excited by potential uses of mobile phones in education focus on the creation and usage of various ‘mobile apps’ on smartphones, lessons from SMS Story project remind us that, in some of the most challenging environments in the world — especially rural ones — the existing infrastructure of low end phones offers opportunities for creative and innovative groups who wish to engage with teachers and learners in these communities. Of particular interest are projects that support risk reduction and disaster preparedness for cultural sites and collections in seismically-active and other disaster- prone areas as well as projects that empower women, youth or under-served communities. You will bring strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to advise on high level communication and information dissemination.
Miriona said without the help of Bougainville small business and other sponsors and supporters  (see list below) I would not have been able to attend this important but expensive international marketing opportunity for Bougainville.
Australia is assisting the PNG Government to build more than 1000 classrooms in rural and remote areas across PNG, including in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Wherever possible, they will be building on digital platforms and mobile connectivity to make our books available to children and families who need them the most.
Most bautara return to their origin and face a new series of setbacks especially over land rights that time has denied them.
I have no automatic right to land in my matrilineal Nasioi society and my partner has no right to land in her patrilineal Buin society. My daughter cannot lean on me when in need of land or citizenship, for Nasioi is a matrilineal society, and she cannot lean on her mother since Buin is a patrilineal society. The hub would benefit  Haku, Halia, Hagogohe, Peit and Tons constituencies and their people. According to a report by the Pacific Islands Forum in mid-2013, the cruise industry has grown 125 per cent since 2005 and 143 new ships have been launched. In 2010 it launched its first comprehensive cruise strategy which looked to improving port facilities and opportunities for shore excursions, waiving visa fees for cruise passengers, and reducing pilot fees by half. It has also emphasised PNG as a cruise destination in international trade shows and tourism events in Europe, the US and Australia. It has already announced a significant increase in its cruise presence, with its 2015-16 program including its first back-to-back PNG cruises from Cairns, and its first dedicated PNG cruises from Brisbane and Sydney. Other visits were made by Japan’s NYK Cruises, Holland-America Line’s Amsterdam, the British ships Black Watch and Caledonian Sky, French Polynesia-based Paul Gauguin, ultra-luxe residential cruise ship The World and three ships from both Hapag-Lloyd and Silversea.
In partnership with the PNG Department of Education, VSO successfully trialled a programme to see if daily mobile phone text message stories could improve English teaching and ultimately, children’s reading.
There were also major differences in the teaching and learning strategies used by the teachers. For reasons historical (PNG became an independent nation only in 1975, breaking off from Australia), economic (Australia’s is by far PNG’s largest export market) and geographical (the PNG capital, Port Moresby, lies about 500 miles from Cairns, across the Coral Sea), Australia provides a large amount of support to the education sector in Papua New Guinea, and I was particularly interested in learning lessons from the experiences of AusAid, the (now former) Australian donor agency. The results may not be ‘transformational’ on their own, and doing this sort of thing may not win any style points among the ‘cool kids’ in technology-saturated capital cities in much of the ‘developed world’ interested in the ‘latest and greatest’. AFCP has provided financial support to more than 640 cultural preservation projects in more than 100 countries and represents a contribution of nearly $26 million towards the preservation of cultural heritage worldwide. The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority and Colin Cowell have been a fantastic support developing Bougainville tourism over the past few years. I am pleased to say that with all this support Bougainville does have a bright future” Mr. To date they have been providing e-readers to schools in need through both sponsorships and sales. There will be also a  visit to Pororan Island to experience the sand, beach, cultural displays (photo above)  and the opportunity buy Bougainville souvenirs. With expedition cruising already established, the aim was to entice luxury mid-size ships and even big operators. Aurora Expeditions has a 12-night cruise from Cairns that includes the Trobriand Islands and Tufi fjords. Over a period of 100 days, a daily lesson plan and short story was sent to teachers by text message.
For 20 weeks, 50% of teachers received a daily SMS story and a lesson plan via mobile phone, while the other half did not and the children’s reading was assessed before and after the trial. Approximately 85 per cent of PNG’s mainly rural population is poor and an estimated 18 per cent of people are extremely poor. That said, the best technology is often the one you already have, know how to use, and can afford.
While books and teaching materials are scarce in Papua New Guinea, nearly every teacher has a mobile phone.

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