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Gravel driveways are being considered more by home owners now that porous pavers provide the support for cars and are good for the environment.
Myth - Gravel Driveways are a mess once you drive on themMany of you may be thinking that gravel driveways will look terribleonce you drive your car over them. Steve Botto completely redesigned the front of our home-- from scratch -- including landscaping, pavers (walkway and stoop), sprinklers and absolutely gorgeous theatrical lighting.
We would like to break it down to help explain the benefits of using interlocking concrete pavers over other material choices. The physical properties of the RCP Bella Vista interlocking pavers allow for nearly 4 times the load bearing weight of a standard concrete slab, (Approximately 8000psi compared to 2000psi of some concrete slabs). This high strength of the concrete pavers allows for heavier loads and longer life than that of standard concrete or asphalt.
The flexibility of an interlocking concrete paver system allows for adjust to the environment as well as avoiding seismic distortion and cracking.
Keep pavers looking like new by sealing them with one of the many concrete sealers sold at RCP every 12 to 18 months, depending on how much traffic the area receives. When using concrete, asphalt, or gravel as a paving material you are limited by color choices, styles, and receive a low visual appeal.
The beauty, strength, flexibility, and economic aspects of RCP Block & Brick’s Bella Vista Interlocking Concrete Paver products make them a wise choice for any paver driveway, patio paving project, paver pathway, courtyard, or pool side hardscape applications. If you have any questions on RCP’s line of Bella Vista Interlocking Pavers, please feel free to call or visit an RCP Block & Brick near you! This entry was posted in Products and tagged Benefits of Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Concrete Paver Benefits, Concrete Pavers, Pavers vs Asphalt, Pavers vs Concrete on April 18, 2013 by rcpblock.

Before you pour concrete or install asphalt let us give you a paving stone cost analysis for your project.
We would be happy to explain how concrete pavers can be a smart and efficient solution to your large-scale projects.
RCP Block & Brick’s Bella Vista line of concrete pavers, with their aesthetic appeal, variety of designs and colors, and strength, are the perfect choice for your next paving project. When looking at the durability of asphalt surfaces it must be noted that they have only moderate strength and will break down with traffic over time. In the case of concrete slabs, there is a lack of flexibility which will lead to shrinkage and cracking over time.
If for some reason a paver becomes damaged or stained, you simply need to remove the offending paver(s) and replace it with a new paver(s). Repair and maintenance of concrete slabs and asphalt are more complicated.
It also may be necessary to add joint sand to your interlocking concrete paver area every so often to replace any sand that has been swept or washed away.
RCP’s Bella Vista interlocking pavers provide you with countless combinations of colors, patterns, styles and finishes assuring the uniqueness of your project.
The weight of your car would just make giant ruts in the gravel and really detract from the above benefits.Flexible Porous Pavers for gravel have changed all of this. After that, you install the porous pavers and then add the gravel or aggregate by filling up the holes and adding a couple of inches above that. Although somewhat flexible, the same is true with asphalt as it will crack over time and soften with high temperatures.

Stains and cracks to concrete slabs and asphalt lead to expensive and time consuming resurfacing projects which will likely occur multiple times over the lifetime of the paved area. The flexibility of concrete pavers over other paving materials add to the longevity of the concrete paver system, providing you will a long-lasting paving option. The flexible porous pavers achieve this by transferring the weight of your car underneath the gravel to the base layer underneath. You don't want runoff and eroded soil clogging the porous pavers since that would not allow it to drain properly. Landscaping has installed paver walkways, retaining walls, added trees and bushes for privacy and does the spring and fall cleanup.
The porous pavers are relatively inexpensive and are made of recycled plastic and are rigid enough to hold the gravel in place.
Also, plan on replenishing some of the gravel every 8 years and filling in low spots.Other uses for Porous PaversAside from driveways of homes and small businesses, gravel walks may be also ideal for garden walkways, trails and other areas where carts or light equipment must travel.

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