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Cubs say they had previously told paver buyers the bricks would be replaced by next season.
In March, the Cubs sent an email informing those who bought pavers that all of the roughly 12,000 bricks would be replaced by 2016's Opening Day outside the Budweiser Bleachers along Sheffield and Waveland avenues.The team launched the program in 2006, advertising the bricks for $160. The pavers scare reached critical mass early Tuesday, when the Daily Leader of Pontiac reported that some of the bricks destined for an area landfill were springing up around the city, located about 100 miles southwest of Chicago.Cubs officials said Tuesday they weren't sure how many of the bricks were involved.
Wrigley Field commemorative bricks found in landfill Some personalized pavers Chicago Cubs fans paid to have placed at Wrigley Field were found at a landfill about 100 miles southwest of the city. The Belgian Pavers (aka cobblestones) are showing through the pot holes on Chestnut Street in the Jewelry District.

Pavers are not great for bikes, not really great for pedestrians (especially people in wheelchairs) in crosswalks (another surface *could* be used in crosswalks I suppose), and they tend to be expensive to install (properly). Of course I don’t think there is an example of blacktop being installed properly anywhere in Providence, so it is not like pavers are too hard to install and blacktop is easy. There are plenty of plazas, markets, squares and streets across the world who still use pavers and who also probably get more accumulation then we do. It should be noted that a big part of the reason why the pavement here is so bad is the existence of the cobblestone below it.
I actually think the pavers, if installed properly, might be nice on the side streets to keep people from flying up and down them.

Buses are very hard on pavements too: Another way streetcars save infrastructure dollars in the long run.
BuildDirect brings consumers and distributors the best in pavers because BuildDirect is directly involved with the manufacturers and quarries that produce them.

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