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These ingenious composite pavers are one of the coolest products we’ve seen in a while. Produced from approximately 95% post-consumer recycled material, Azek Vast permeable pavers are a composite masonry from scrap plastics and rubber. 5, Granite pavers installs the same way as concrete pavers, which is a big plus for masons & builders who don't have to buy additional equipment.
10, Granite pavers & landscape products carry only the highest quality granite stone products at competitive prices. If you want the stunning look of flagstone but don’t want it to start chipping away, flagstone pavers are the perfect solution.
Upgrade your driveway, patio, pool areas, entryways and more with the addition of flagstone pavers.

Call us or come see our outdoor showroom where you can check out all the different flagstone paver options we have to offer.
Installation is a breeze with the integrated grid pattern, meaning project time is cut by an average of 65%. These easy to lay pavers are lighter than other 400 x 400mm pavers meaning they are ideal for a wide variety of DIY projects. It is because of such factors that granite have been highly regarded as the finest wearing material today for hard surface paving and granite pavers installs the same way as concrete pavers. Giving you the look and feel of natural flagstone rock, these pavers look just like the real thing but add a lot less worry and maintenance for you.
That is why granite pavers can provide a long term solution for anyone who wants their pavement to last for many decades and beyond.

With it's incredible strength, granite is popular with architects, builders and masons that require their granite pavers to last for many generations to come. Imagine having the natural look of stone without having to worry about the maintenance and upkeep – that is exactly what a flagstone paver will give you. The Azek Vast pavers are lightweight as well, which means they are versatile for applications like roof decks, and also means less embodied energy from transportation.

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