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Prior to purchasing materials, measure and sketch out on paper the area where you'd like to install a paver patio. Use a plate compactor to bring the top of the pavers to an even level and proper surface height. Repeat compacting and filling joints with sand until they have been filled and the pavers are tightly secured. After you have placed and compacted the pavers and filled the joints with sand, you have completed your dry-laid paver patio.

They are typically installed on level ground, within a defined area that is constrained by an edge treatment. Nail down a metal or plastic edging to give pavers a firm support that will hold them in place. The outer edge of a paver patio can be defined by concrete, stone, wood, plastic, or metal materials that are suitable to use as an edge treatment.
If you hire a contractor, you can expect to pay $15–$20 a square foot, depending on where you live and what type of paver you have selected.

Depending on the type of edging you have selected, edging should be installed either after excavation, after compacting the gravel, or after the pavers have been placed.

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