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The amount of different hardscaping materials available can make choosing what paver to use for your patio overwhelming to a homeowner.
For low-speed traffic areas, such as car parks, an infiltratable concrete block paver system is usually chosen, whereas a grass paving system may be used on non-trafficked areas or those areas subject to occasional trafficking.
The basic structure of a permeable pavement is not dissimilar from that used for a standard block pavement.
This means that surface water that collects during rain storms can filter back into the ground through the pavers and not just run off. The pavers themselves cost the same, and they even install FASTER meaning they can be a lower cost alternative.
You have to keep their joints clean just like a regular paver sidewalk, but thats about it.

So, f'rinstance, we talk of permeable paving, meaning a paved surface through which water may pass.
In the early days of permeable paving, a number of manufacturers toyed with porous block pavers, but they were never very successful, compared to the permeable block systems we use nowadays. While there are 'generic' designs for smaller pavements, larger system needs to be designed by a competent engineer after a thorough investigation of the site and an assessment of the needs of the project.
Alternatively, regular application of oil-digesting microbes over the permeable pavement will accelerate the breakdown process. For the last few seasons there has been a large number of permeable pavers coming onto the market, but a lot of people are not grasping what this concept means. As more and more of the country is developed and an ever greater area is covered by roads, pavements, roofs and other buildings, two problems have come to prominence; the increased load we place on our already struggling sewer systems and the risks posed to our delicate treatment systems and watercourses from pollutants originating on the traditionally-drained impermeable surfaces.

On the continent, engineers conservatively assume a reduction in the potential drainage capacity of a permeable pavement to around 10% of the theoretical maximum and so, additional run-off drainage is provided to cope with periods of exceptional flow.
ALL pavers sidewalks can be lifted and repaired – this is cheaper than jackhammering the entire sidewalk up and re-pouring concrete.

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