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If you want a patio cover that looks like it is part of your home, then our custom stucco trim is the perfect solution. Open lattice style patio covers can add a beautiful enhancement to your home & create a wonderful shade and comfort area to any patio shape and size. All of our patio covers and enclosures offer an excellent way to extend the living space outside your home while adding beauty and increasing its value. If what you're looking for is a patio cover that provides year-round usability, a solid patio cover is the perfect choice.

We are proud to have been furnishing and installing Aluminum Patio Covers to the intermountain west using the very best products and our own factory certified installers available. Our Patio Rooms allow for tremendous design flexibility and provide great insulation for year round use. Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring. Stucco provides the detail that distinguishes an extraordinary patio cover from an ordinary one.

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