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We had this area next to our family room with nothing, a total waste of space, and I always thought that it would be nice to have a patio there since it was private and shaded.
I actually think that living in the house for a little while first helps to determine how you would feel in certain rooms and what colors to choose to paint, I regret some of the color choices we made in a couple of rooms, like the mustard ICKY horrid color in our bedroom, that no one takes responsibility for choosing. So We painted the house 2 years ago, and love it…WE removed the black shutters and I think it makes it look bigger, I still would like to change the light fixture… add it to the list!

Tudor House served as the station for Malham until 1959 and since the late1970’s has welcomed thousands of guests who enjoy the tranquil setting, the walks, the birds and of course the trains!
When we took over at Tudor House in 2009 we knew there was a little 'upgrading' required, but not perhaps as much as we discovered! A trip to the Yorkshire Dales is special in itself, but if there is something that will make it extra special, it is a stay at Tudor House, where we will make every effort to make it really memorable, so that your next visit won’t be your last.

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