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Building a patio in your backyard is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home, plus create an outdoor living place to relax and enjoy the company of friends.
Many do it yourself homeowners might be unsure of how to build a patio when they first embark on their project, however with a few simple tips from our experts you will soon be relaxing on your new deck! One of the first suggested steps for a homeowner who is learning how to build a paver patio in their yard is to research the variety of options available, as well as the prices.
When searching for simple patio design ideas, such as outdoor fire pits and flagstone walkways, many homeowners turn to our site because of our expertise in outdoor decorations and techniques to use when updating this space.
There are a variety of materials of which you can use to learn how to install patio pavers, including concrete, pavers, stones, and brick.
The best patio pavers are often the easier option when installing a deck on your own because they are simple to use, easy to layout and, require few extra materials. Concrete patio pavers tend to be the least expensive option, costing on average $2 per square foot to install on your own.

The average paver patio cost ranges between $2 and $10 per square foot depending on the size, type of material you purchase, and whether or not you install the deck yourself.
While a brick patio tends to be slightly more elegant than artificial stones or concrete, this material can be rather pricey. Before laying the paver patio stones, you will first need to excavate a 4-6 inch deep area that you can laydown gravel. This type of material is idea as driveway pavers because they are inexpensive, however also because they are extremely durable.
Many reviews suggest Travertine makes the best patio pavers as they are a durable and elegant alternative to the less expensive concrete pavers, however carry an average price of $5-$7 to install on your own. For this reason, and the variety of design options available, the best patio pavers are stones. This gravel base will create a small irrigation system, plus if you choose to install permeable pavers any water or moisture will seep underneath the stones to help keep your patio dry.

The more sophisticated brick pavers tend to cost around $7 per square foot, but can increase in price if you have it installed by a professional.
With our informative articles and expert tips and tricks, we can provide you with some of the best patio paver design ideas to get you started on this diy adventure! Continue reading for more tips on how to lay pavers and information on some of the best stones, such as brick, flagstone, and concrete patio ideas. Downloading free patio design software tools is a great way to visualize how the different types of paver material will look in your home, plus help you with your blueprints, cost estimation, and deck arrangement. You can also browse through our outdoor photo galleries to find some of the top 2015 patio designs with paver stones to create one of the trendiest spaces in your yard.

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