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The third image below shows the patio surface with some texture similar to the stone we are talking with you about. Using existing rock on the property build small garden walls, firepit, and install landscaping to clients needs below are beginnings of the client design.. We feel that your patio’s shape should be determined by the uses of your space first and then adding your personal taste to the materials, and supporting plantings with other architectural features.
Below are some patio design images that have helped previous clients in the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN areas.
Or you can see some patios we have installed to look at different materials like pavers, stone, and concrete. Important Landscape Design InformationPatio Shapes, Materials, and your questions answered. Creative Landscaping, Gardening, hardscaping design services Providing Design Services to the areas of.

From this angle you can see I have removed the bed area next to the sidewalk, in reality the patio and walkway will blend better than what is represented in the image. I will start on the landscape beds and plantings with you if this is a good representation of the overall size and placement of the patio surface.
This patio needs list informs us of the must haves that will be included in your patio design. Then we begin adding the surface and depending on the client we may post the same patio with different materials like one may be stone, and another may be pavers.
The patio is centered with the porch and between the two trees, larger portion farther into the yard with the fire pit and bench to the preferred side.
West Nashville, East Nashville, North Nashville, South Nashville, North, South, East, West, Nashville area, Landscaper, nashville landscaper, backyard landscaping. You are given an initial diagram and graphic design on a web page that you can share with family and others that you would like input from.

We take those measurements of the space and any existing patio surfaces and get started making a close replica of your home and property in our computer design program. We even sometimes add arbors, pergolas, trellises, patio furniture, water features like ponds and waterfalls, complete gardens with specimen plantings.
After receiving input from others and consulting with us we are able to make changes to the images and send you an update to look at the new patio design images. Within a few days you be visiting the beginnings of your design through a link that is received by email. Make the surface larger, change the shape of the patio, or change the materials from pavers, concrete, or stone.

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