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The nice weather is here, and if you love being out in your backyard, whether you’re lounging on the patio with a good book and cold drink or entertaining guests on a warm summer evening, one thing is for sure: you need the perfect landscape design to create a backyard paradise! Nothing is more inviting than a patio chair that is comfy and makes your outdoor living space more beautiful! There is an abundance of other elements you can add to complete your backyard getaway; LED lighting to illuminate and showcase your backyard paradise, a fire pit to bring everyone together, and flowering annuals and perennials to bring color to your relaxing getaway. Creststone Landscaping in Tennessee: Nashville, Brentwood, Clarksville, Franklin, and Hendersonville Tennessee. Malibu Landscapers are full-service landscape contractors specializing in residential and commercial Landscape Design, Hardscape Services, Lawn Maintenance, and Tree Care Services. Malibu Landscape contractors will help you create spectacular outdoor living areas for your family to relax, entertain and play.
Malibu Landscape contractors are licensed and fully insured against property damage and personal injury so you can relax knowing that you will never be held liable for accidents. Our landscape design team can create beautiful water features: Ponds, Streams, Fountains, and waterfalls in just about any size space.

Commercial hardscapes make the corporate and organizational environment inviting and stimulating for occupants and visitors alike.
Below is a list of services that we provide for your residential or commercial properties: Please use the links below to learn more about the different landscaping services we offer, and allow yourself to become inspired by exploring. If you live in Malibu, The San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles County area and require Landscaping Services call Malibu Landscapers at (310) 606-2155 and Get a FREE service estimate or simply fill out the contact form on the bottom right side of this page and we will quickly provide you with a quality Landscaping professional. Outdoor kitchens eliminate the need to constantly walk back and forth between the kitchen inside and patio so you can cook while entertaining your guests outside. Our landscaping designs will literally transform your residential or commercial property, increasing it’s aesthetic beauty, value and appeal. We want you to enjoy your landscaped area, increase your homes curb appeal and property value.
Creating commercial environments with rock and stone products is a distinct way to highlight any property. We have professional Landscape Designers who aim to please, and will help you create a yard that you will be proud to look at for years to come.

From landscape design, lawn care maintenance, tree care services, hardscape pavers, artificial grass and more we can service all your landscaping needs. Whether its stone monuments or paver walkways or plazas; Sherman Oaks Landscapers Certified Team can design and build projects of any size and install and support all your commercial and residential landscaping requirements. New synthetic, weatherproof patio furniture and fabrics are also now available, offering the same style and comfort as anything you would have inside your home.
A concrete countertop for food prep and conveniences such as closed storage and a separate side burner will greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience.
Tell us your idea and we promise our landscape designer will create an oasis you will love.

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