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Demand for outdoor living spaces loaded with features and hardscape continues to grow in Northern Colorado.
Oversized entries, such as folding glass-panel wall systems, French doors or pocket doors, make it easy to entertain and maximize both living spaces.
Grilling stations and outdoor kitchens allow you to cook full meals without heating up the house on hot summer days and nights.
Outdoor living spaces and hardscape provide year-round enjoyment and boost the value of your property. Establishing an outdoor living area or open-air room creates additional space to relax and entertain, and Northern Colorado’s mild climate makes it easy to enjoy all year long. If you want a fully functional outdoor kitchen, then we suggest installing a built-in, gas-powered barbecue grill, complete with warming drawers, heating elements and plenty of grilling surface. We talked about indoor fireplaces last month, so it’s not surprising that a popular addition to outdoor living rooms is a fire feature. To merge indoor and outdoor entertaining, many remodeling designs feature all-glass folding or pocket doors that convert entire walls into large floor-to-ceiling open walkways between your home’s interior and outdoor living area.

By extending living space outside, the modern backyard provides year-round enjoyment and boosts property value for you as a homeowner. Spring is in the air, so start looking for opportunities to push the boundaries of your home past the walls of your house and into the great outdoors. Professional Remodeler national article on Outdoor Living Spaces with quotes from our very own Bryan Soth.
Outdoor living spaces, specifically kitchens and entertainment areas, received a 94.5 percent popularity rating in the most recent ASLA survey. The Colorado sun is intense, and our weather can change on a dime, so be sure to consider durable materials and protection from the elements when planning outdoor living areas, such as decks and patios. If you’re not sure where to start with an outdoor building project, contact a professional landscape architect or residential remodeler to help you design your backyard escape. Nothing beats the winter blahs like thinking about backyard retreats and outdoor living spaces.
Completing this project now allows you to spend the summer enjoying the space instead of working on it.

We’ve installed many of the popular projects described in the detailed ASLA report, including outdoor kitchens, greenhouses and even a swimming pool. Then install a gourmet kitchen beneath a second-story deck and host family meals in an open-air dining space.
Colorado sun is intense, and our weather can be inclement at times, so be sure to consider durable materials and protection from the elements when planning your space.
From design, through construction to completion, we will show you how to create an outdoor living space you can be proud of. Open roofs and cross rafters of pergolas look nice, but if you want reliable protection from sun and rain, complement an attractive pergola by installing a solid roof above a portion of your outdoor space.

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