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Outdoor lighting techniques help to create a particular mood or ambiance in your backyard, adding color, drama, and excitement to your swimming pool and landscape while also keeping the pool area safe.
Kelly Caviness: Most importantly, lighting needs to be incorporated in an outdoor setting for safety reasons. Secondly, by incorporating lighting into your landscape or pool, the designer is able to create a mood—romantic, playful, or whatever the homeowner desires. Above: Custom Color-Kinetics lighting illuminates the pool and waterfall areas, giving the entire backyard a welcoming ambiance. KC: There are different wattage and color of lights for every budget, which create different mood settings in a pool design and bring a totally different look at night from what is seen in the daytime.

Incandescent lights are more of a soft yellow light and look best on hardscapes such as stone walls, pathways, etc. KC: Nothing produces more excitement in an outdoor area than highlighting a prized specimen plant or spectacular water feature.
When you have a high canopy in trees, lighting that is directed up toward that canopy is very dramatic plus the lights won’t shine directly down on people. In years past, it was always customary to have one big white light at the deep-end shining toward the shallow end of the pool.
Pathways, outdoor kitchens, dining areas, as well as the pool decks need to be properly illuminated so guests can easily and carefully travel from the pool to the deck to the house.

I like to use the DMX controlled light systems, which offer a bluish-green color that is comparable to the old mercury vapor lights that are now almost non-existent because of their hazardous materials.
Now, there are not only white lights, but color fiber-optic or DMX controlled light options. Not only do they allow multiple light shows--which can be customized for each client--but also they provide an endless choice of color combinations and effects.

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