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The Outdoor Designs Stretch Waterproof Gaiter is close-fitting and yet stretchy enough to comfortably hug the calf muscles and to allow excellent freedom of movement without discomfort. The Outdoor Designs Stretch Waterproof Gaiter was the best option for comfort in our review.
This makes it ideal for scrambling and climbing as well as general walking when you just want a gaiter that sits neatly without being easily snagged and without being uncomfortable.

When active use warms you up, Stretch gaiter has venting options with the two-way zipper construction. The stirrup is not as neat as the rest of the gaiter, with two large buckles on each side that could be snagged with crampon spikes; but you can neaten it up by rethreading the webbing so the buckle faces into the foot. So the Outdoor Designs Stretch Waterproof Gaiter is not perfect in every way but for comfort it is extremely good, and many may prefer it for the freedom of movement it allows.

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