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Spring Lawn Care and Snow Mold:Though it looks terrible, dealing with snow mold and other issues is simple with these spring lawncare tips.
New Device Reduces Lawn Mower Pollution by 93%:Students at UC Riverside have created an inexpensive device that effectively reduces pollution by 93% in gas-fueled lawn mowers. Bonide Garden Naturals:Bonide's Garden Naturals is a full line of natural, organic gardening products to help your garden grow and thrive. Mulching Lawn Mowers:Mulching your grass instead of bagging it benefits your lawn, the planet, and YOU! Lawn Care During Droughts:During extremely dry conditions, letting a lawn go dormant may be the most environmentally-friendly thing to do. Drip IrrigationGive your lawn and landscaped areas the moisture they need with minimal waste. Fall Lawn Care - Handling Your Leaves: Mulching leaves into your lawn rather than raking them up can provide a nutritious, free food for your grass come springtime.
Lawn Aeration: In addition to proper irrigation and fertilizing, your lawn can greatly benefit from regular aeration.
Organic Pesticides: Control pests and insects in your landscape naturally without harmful health effects for your family and wildlife. Water Conservation Facts: Ideas that anyone can implement to save vast amounts of water in the garden and landscaped areas, including your turf areas. Water Saving Tips: There are many ways to cut down on the amount of water used such as reducing or eliminating grass lawns and planting drought-resistant plants. Landscape Edging: There is not much that improves a landscape than a great looking edge on your grass and beds - learn how in this article. Landscape Maintenance: Useful articles to help you keep your lawn, garden and borders looking in tip-top shape, easily and eco-friendly. Scotts Lawn Care Program: Take the guesswork out of lawn care maintenance with regularly scheduled applications of feedings to keep and maintain a healthy, green lawn. Organic Lawn Fertilizer: Using an organic fertilizer for your lawn will improve your lawn's soil, allowing for a healthy, thriving green lawn. Lawn Edging Ideas: Lawn edging creates a clean, professional look to any landscaped area and helps to support a low-maintenance lawn.

Grass Alternatives: Many options exist to shrink or eliminate the time and energy that is required to maintain a grass lawn for your home. No Mow Grass: Put Your Lawn Mower In Mothballs And Plant Yourself Some Grass That Does Not Need Mowing.
Milky Spore: Control Moles, Lawn Grubs and Japanese Beetles With One Amazing Organic Product.
Edging your landscape beds is one of the most important ways to improve the appearance of your lawn and flower beds. When installed correctly, each of these edging products makes for a wonderful looking, finished edge. One specific type of edging that is not listed above is the one that you may consider using, because of its simplicity and affordability. Your first step is to cut your lawn to the proper height around the area you will be edging. Finally take the metal rake and cleanup the edging and excess material from the turf and just like that, you are finished! Decorative fence or edgings always will beautify the appearance of any place: little flower bed or whole horticulture and house. Using your ingenuity, energy, and a few essential tools, you can create any of the singularly beautiful garden edging projects on this list. Each of these ideas are linked to an original source, detailing what steps you’ll need to take to craft your own personalized garden edging.
This idea is possibly the least labor-intensive on the list, but will still require some strength and perseverance as you carry and set large stones into place. Cinder blocks are an especially utilitarian idea, since their structure makes them not only perfect as an edging material, but as planters themselves. Terracotta pipes make fantastic edging materials for the same reason cinder blocks do: they hold dual purpose as planters themselves. You can see just by these 10 ideas alone that the possibilities for creatively edging your garden are boundless! Usually you will need to pick a point in the lawn to edge so the entire edging will be bordered by the existing turf.

It makes it easy to visualize the landscape edging and you can easily make adjustments to the edge with the hose. Some of these ideas require the purchase of materials, while others rely on recycling and repurposing things you may already have lying around. With access to some cut wood, either via retail, your own property, or that of a friend, you can create an appealingly natural garden edge with a bit of effort and time. As in our picture below, you can use natural logs and sticks for a truly rustic, old fashioned appearance. Another great aspect of this idea is that the terracotta likely matches pots you already have scattered throughout your gardening space. Look around your garden, yard, and home for materials and inspiration before making the leap on your own garden edging project.
What we are talking about here is a natural or organic lawn and border edge - in other words, one created simply from the landscape itself. Sharing fantastic home brew ideas will helpĀ make sure that spectacular, unique gardens like these continue to grow around the world. We’ve seen equally attractive wicker projects, but the natural approach seems to work best, especially for vegetable gardens. With a variety of colors and eye-catching spherical design, bowling balls make for surprisingly perfect garden edging materials.
After seeing the variety of projects on display here, you’re likely to be surprised at how many ideas leap out as the perfect new addition to your own garden. Here you need miniature decorative fences, elegant garden fences from bamboo, mandatory decoration of natural stone, the stone bridge over a creek or slide.

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